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10 September 2014

'The Sky is for Heroes' for Realistic Battles

Pilots and tankers!

"The sky is for heroes" event will be available from 10:00 GMT September 11th to 10:00 GMT September 12th

(“Events” button at the top right of the main screen)

Only the best will reach the heights! The new Realistic Battle event with both air and ground vehicles is now available for you to try in the “Events” mode. Gain the opportunity to use aircraft in a ground battle.

The same matchmaking rules are applied to the regular Arcade tank battles and this event, so we advise you to choose both aircraft and tanks with similar Battle ratings in your crew slots before joining the mission.

What's new?

  • Multiple respawns in the same vehicle are not possible in the event;
  • Using bombload and rockets for fighter aircraft increases their spawn points cost to the same amount as for attacker aircraft;
  • Tanks can now be spotted from greater range, this will be 2 times more than before (will be valid for all game modes during the test).

Your feedback is important!

This game mode is currently in development. Please use this test to give us any feedback and suggestions you have on our official forums. Your help is greatly appreciated!

The War Thunder Team


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