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Battle Pass vehicles: B7A2 (Homare 23) Ryusei

The iconic Japanese dive bomber of the WWII era with a new engine and Premium bonuses!

B7A2 (Homare 23), naval aircraft/torpedo bomber, Japan, rank III. Premium.


  • More powerful engine
  • Good maneuverability
  • 800 kg bomb

The Aichi B7A Ryusei carrier-based bomber was under the Imperial Navy program of 1941, but Aichi was able to start mass production only in 1944. Due to the lack of aircraft carriers suitable for its deployment, the aircraft operated mainly from ground airfields. It was also used for kamikaze missions. During testing, one B7A2 was supposedly equipped with the Homare 23 engine, a modified version of the N1K2’s Homare 21, instead of the default Homare 12, to compensate for the shortage of engines. Together with the experimental model, a total of 105 units of the B7A2 were produced.


The main aircraft prize in the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass “Armour Breaking Ambusher” will be the Japanese B7A2 Ryusei piston-engined, a carrier-based torpedo bomber with a new Homare 23 engine.

The B7A2 has a reputation of fast and agile aircraft for its class, making it very comfortable to carry out dive or level bombing. Unlike most bombers, the B7A2 even allows its pilot to engage in dogfights with enemy heavy fighters, and a pair of forward-firing 20mm cannons give good chances in confrontation with other aircraft.

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The experimental B7A2 (Homare 23) received a slight increase in flight performance thanks to the new engine, especially with the maximum bomb load.

By the way, about the payload. Like the researchable modification, the B7A2 (Homare 23) is capable of carrying two 250kg bombs along with smaller bombs on the wings, or one 800 kg bomb, which is especially handy in mixed battles. The B7A2 (Homare 23) is a torpedo bomber and can be used in naval battles carrying a single Type 91 model 3 torpedo.


Being a Premium aircraft, the B7A2 (Homare 23) will have access to all weapon presets upon receiving and will provide a good boost to research of the Japanese aviation of early and medium ranks.

The new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass “Armour Breaking Ambusher” is coming soon - stay tuned for more details!

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