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T-2 Early Available again for the Anniversary of its First Flight
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After World War II Japan was left without its own jet fighters and by the mid 60s it began work on a supersonic training jet. A prototype developed by the Mitsubishi corporation performed its maiden flight on July 20th, 1971, and on November 19th of the same year it became the first aircraft developed in Japan to break the speed of sound.

T-2 Early temporarily on sale for Golden Eagles


From July 20th (12:00 GMT) until July 24th (12:00 GMT) the T-2 Early jet fighter from the Japanese research tree will be available for purchase for Golden Eagles.

T-2 Early is fast and boasts a high climb rate, but its JM61A1 rotary cannon is the real star: with 20 mm calibre it shoots 6000 rounds per minute! Even though the aircraft lacks a ballistic calculator, it can carry high speed FFAR rockets in its payload to decimate ground vehicles.

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