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Magach Hydra: Tracked Serpent

The experimental Israeli Magach 6R medium tank equipped with Hydra rocket pods is going to clear the battlefield in the upcoming La Royale update!

Magach Hydra, medium tank, Israel. Rank VI


  • Hydra rocket pods
  • Lacks of reactive armor

In the early 1980s, the Israel Defense Forces began testing a modification of the Magach 6R tank, armed with two pods of US-made Hydra unguided rockets mounted on the gun mantlet.This version was built to provide enhanced fire support to infantry formations. The M261 pods were fixed at a slight elevation relative to the zero position of the gun and were controlled by the tank commander. Data on test results are not available, but the tank was not commissioned for mass production, probably due to the vulnerability of the rocket pods to enemy fire.


In the La Royale update we will introduce a new tank from the Israeli Magach family - a modification of the Magach 6 with Hydra rocket pods mounted on the turret. A great option for close combat in the narrow streets of urban locations!

The experimental Magach Hydra entered testing as a modification of the Magach 6R with dismantled ERA protection. The tank carries two rocket pods with 19 rockets each on its gun mantlet, left and right from the main gun. The pods are elevated at a slight angle relative to the position of the gun, so to hit targets at distances closer than 500 meters, the gun barrel must be lowered down. The Hydra rockets have a HEAT warhead and all 38 rockets can be fired in a few seconds, unleashing a real rocket hurricane on the enemy - one or the other will definitely find a weak spot in the protection of an enemy tank!

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Even with the ERA removed, the Magach 6 remains a good tank - rounded sides and a strong forehead on the turret, as well as the front armor plates of the hull brought together at a large angle, still give a high chance of ricocheting and not being penetrated by kinetic rounds. The 105mm cannon has excellent flatness and a good selection of available rounds, including HEAT rounds and APFSDS shots for heavily armored enemies and HESH rounds for light and medium vehicles.

The new Magach Hydra in the La Royale update will be grouped with the Magach 6R, which means it will not be an obstacle for those who want to research the top tanks of the series as soon as possible. However, having researched the rocket Magach, Israeli commanders will have their hands on an effective and unusual tank that will be of the greatest help in urban battles and other close quarter combat situations, including at the higher ranks!

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