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CV 9030 FIN: Finnish Shooter

The Swedish CV 9030 FIN infantry fighting vehicle armed with a 30mm Bushmaster cannon was developed to export to Finland.

CV 9030 FIN, light tank, Sweden, rank VI


  • Full-auto belt-fed cannon
  • Thermal vision
  • Light armor

The CV 90 combat vehicles not only served (and are still in service) with the Swedish army, but were also actively exported abroad. One of the export versions, equipped with the Hägglunds E-series turret and a 30 mm Bushmaster gun was developed for the Finnish army. The vehicle is optimized for operations in a subarctic climate, snow and raw terrains. Further developments on this chassis included a forward artillery observation vehicle, command and control vehicle, anti-aircraft vehicle, and others.


The Finnish CV 9030 FIN infantry fighting vehicle will become a new light tank in the Swedish ground vehicle tech tree with the release of the next major War Thunder update. Unlike the elder model, the Strf 9040B, it wields a 30mm full-auto cannon with belt feed.

Armored vehicles in the CV 90 family are well known to weathered commanders of Sweden. A new member of the family is the Finnish CV 9030 FIN infantry fighting vehicle. Armed with the 30mm Bushmaster autocannon, the CV 9030 is capable of destroying lighter armored vehicles. Most notably, the cannon is belt-fed with 80 rounds per belt that can be fired in bursts. A pure anti-tank belt consists of MK258 APFSDS rounds.

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Other characteristics are approximately the same as those of other representatives of the CV 90 series. Despite a more powerful engine, the increased weight of the vehicle retains the dynamic qualities of other CV 90 light tanks - a maximum speed is still up to 78 km/h on a paved road. The crew of the CV 9030 FIN has 3 members, the commander has night sight optics, while the gunner has access to a thermal imager. The engine compartment is located at the front of the vehicle, which makes hitting the troop compartment in the back of the hull relatively secure for key modules. The CV 9030 FIN armor may protect the vehicle against low-caliber autocannons, but no more. The shells of tank guns will pierce the brave Finn right through.

So, a new light tank in the Swedish tech tree will be waiting for you in the hangars of the next major War Thunder update. And the development team continues to tell you the most interesting news of the upcoming update! Stay tuned!

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