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Object 435: Armored hammer

The Object 435 is a prototype tank, built under the program of the new Soviet medium tank to test the 115mm smoothbore cannon.

Object 435, medium tank, USSR, rank VI


  • Good frontal protection against kinetic rounds
  • Deadly APFSDS shells
  • Vulnerable to HEAT munitions

The prototype Object 435 medium tank was the most advanced in a series of experimental tanks being developed by Kharkov plant No. 75 under the "new medium tank" program at the very beginning of the 1960s. The Object 435 became a test vehicle for the newly developed 115mm U-5TS Molot unitary-loading smoothbore cannon that was later installed on tanks of the T-62 family. The tank had a short hull and an original hull armor layout at the front, which was supposed to provide the vehicle with a high level of protection against kinetic munitions. The Object 435 was canceled in 1961 in favor of another prototype, Object 432. A survivor Object 435 tank is on display at Patriot park near Moscow.


The experimental Object 435 medium tank is one of the last steps taken by engineers to create the first Soviet main battle tank. An excellent smoothbore gun, an original shape for the hull front , and fairly compact size make the Object 435 a very interesting vehicle for battles at ranks V-VI!

The first thing that drags attention when looking at the Object 435 is its hull - unusually short, with plates of frontal armor located at sharp angles. Indeed, the short hull is a little easier to hide behind cover, and the frontal projection of the tank grants very good protection from kinetic projectiles, which have a high chance of ricocheting from armor plates and a domed turret.

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The tank's gun is the U-5TS smoothbore cannon, familiar from the T-62 family. The choice of ammunition is the same: a high-explosive round, two types of APFSDS shells with a maximum penetration of about 350 mm and a HEAT round capable of breaking through up to 440 mm of armor. Thanks to its excellent ballistics, this smoothbore gun is a pleasure to shoot, even at long range. The gun has a stabilizer, and the gunner’s optics have a night vision device. Nice!

Despite the lean sporty appearance, the Object 435 is not the best runner around, being able to reach 55 km/h on paved roads, with much lower speed on raw terrains.However, the engine's throttle response is quite enough for dynamic maneuvering in the urban environment and close quarter tank duels.


The dense layout of the Object 435 and the vulnerable sides of the hull make the tank very sensitive to enemy fire. The main ammo stowage is located towards the back of the hull, which is easily pierced. The driver has collected a real “bingo” of potentially dangerous places in the tank - his seat is located exactly between the fuel tanks, and the first stage ammunition rack is placed behind his right shoulder.

Object 435 will appear in the game with the release of the next major game update - stay tuned for War Thunder news!

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