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Raketenautomat: double-barrel rocket launcher

An experimental rocket SPG with two 81mm launchers and an extreme fire rate is coming to the game as part of the upcoming War Thunder update.

Raketenautomat, SPG, Germany, rank V


  • Mechanized ammo rack
  • Very high fire rate
  • Limited rocket stowage
  • Poor protection

An experimental HS.30 with Zwillings-Raketenautomat Oerlikon 8cm armored fighting vehicle entered tests in the second half of the 1960s. The vehicle wielded a combat module developed by Oerlikon with two 81mm launchers for launching unguided rockets on the chassis of the HS.30 tracked APC. The mechanized ammunition rack of the combat module provided the vehicle with a very high rate of fire of up to 300 rounds per minute, while the 81mm rockets could be equipped with HE or HEAT warheads to destroy armored vehicles, fortifications and enemy troops. Due to the limited ammunition capacity and the overall complexity of the combat module, the Raketenautomat was not commissioned by the German army. For the same reasons, the combat module was also not commissioned by other armies of the world, who preferred more reliable and budgetary MLRS.


The Raketenautomat self-propelled rocket launcher will be one of the pure novelties of the upcoming major War Thunder update. The vehicle will be the first post-war German self-propelled gun to research after the monstrously heavy Jagdtiger. A few words about the new high-tech rocket launcher!

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The fancy look of the vehicle is determined by an unusual combat module, familiar to weathered tankers after the Swedish Landsverk U-SH 405. Two launchers of unguided rockets on a rotating turret are fed from mechanized drum-type ammunition racks for 9 rockets each. The commander could choose from two types of warheads, which are available immediately after purchasing the vehicle: high-explosive fragmentation and high-explosive anti-tank, with a penetration of more than 300mm. Rockets have a fairly high velocity, so that they are able to provide effective fire even at medium range. The most interesting thing is that all 18 rockets in the “drums” of the Raketenautomat could be fired in a two seconds burst, unleashing a salvo of HEAT or HE rounds that is colossal in terms of potential damage. However, reloading the mechanized racks takes a significant amount of time, so firing in long bursts in most cases is not recommended.

The Raketenautomat is built on the chassis of the HS.30 armored personnel carrier, which has quite good speed up to 60 km/h, but lacks any proper armor. A small crew of only three men could also hardly help in surviving the enemy fire.

The Raketenautomat self-propelled gun will take its place at rank V in the German armored vehicle tech-tree in the next War Thunder major update. Follow the Developers Diary series to know more news about the update!

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Turm III Pack
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