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Colbert heavy cruiser: The Contender

Meet the Suffren-class Colbert heavy cruiser! Being one of the first rank IV ships it can be equipped with two scout aircraft, wields good gunnery and has a total of 10 torpedoes!

Colbert, heavy cruiser, France, Rank IV


  • Mediocre protection
  • Linear layout of the main turrets
  • Decent max speed
  • Scout planes

The French Suffren-class heavy cruisers were developed for the 1925 program, when the French Naval General Staff received data on the layout of the Italian Trento-class heavy cruisers that significantly outstripped the existing French cruisers in armor. The new project was based on the previous Duquesne class, with improved protection and a slightly reduced maximum speed due to a change in the power plant. Construction of the lead ship of the class, the Suffren, was placed at the Brest Arsenal shipyard in 1925, followed by an order for a second cruiser, Colbert, in 1927. A total of four ships were built in the Suffren-class cruiser series.

The heavy cruiser Colbert spent the pre-war period as part of the Mediterranean Fleet, where she greeted the beginning of World War II. Together with her sister ships Foch and Dupleix, she took part in the raid on Genoa. By the time of the signing of the Compiègne armistice, she was based in the port of Toulon, where she was subsequently sunk alongside other ships from the French fleet. Due to a fire that raged for 6 days, the Colbert cruiser was declared unsuitable for restoration. The ship was scrapped for metal during 1946-1947.


The heavy cruiser Colbert will be one of the first ships in the closed beta testing of the French bluewater fleet in War Thunder. The ship was designed with an eye on the Italian Trento-class cruisers, in comparison with which the French cruisers Duquesne were literally stripped of armor. The increased protection, however, was no match for the Italian cruisers. The magazines and the engine room were covered with plates of a narrow 50mm armored belt; the cruiser also received an upper deck reinforced to 20-25mm. According to the project guidelines, the cruiser had to survive one torpedo hit, as well as destroyer main battery fire, so in general the design was able to meet these guidelines.

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The general layout, including main guns, and even the look of the Suffren-class cruisers, to which Colbert belongs, have been preserved from ships of the previous class. The cruiser has four twin main gun turrets armed with 203mm guns. Commanders will have access to high-explosive and semi-armor-piercing shells, classics of the pre-war ships. The mass of explosives in both rounds is approximately the same, so it is advisable to research the semi-AP as soon as possible in order to more effectively damage the internal modules of enemy ships. It is worth noting also that the main gun turrets are located in a linearly elevated layout, which allows Colbert to fire broadside salvo with all main guns at once, which is useful.

The Colbert cruiser is presented in the game in her latest upgrade, during which the AA armament was improved. 8 x 90mm single-barrel mounts are responsible for covering the ship from aircraft at long distances, while an orchestra of 37 mm and 13.2 mm flutes shreds any approaching aircraft to pieces.


Despite the fact that the Colbert will be one of the first ships at rank IV, it can be equipped with two scout aircraft. The ship also boasts torpedo armament, which not every cruiser also has - two three-tube launchers on the sides in the central part of the hull and four more spare torpedoes, a total of 10 available in battle.

The heavy cruiser Colbert and other ships of the French bluewater fleet will appear in closed beta testing with the release of the next War Thunder major update. Get early access packs to be the first to test the French ships, get special bonuses and prepare your sea crews for the toughest battles before anyone else!

Aigle Pack
Aigle Pack
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Duguay-Trouin Pack
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