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Pr. 56K Braviy destroyer: the Missile Apprentice

Project 56K Braviy destroyer was the first Soviet experimental carrier of the surface-to-air naval missile.

Project 56K Braviy, destroyer, USSR, rank IV


  • Surface-to-air missiles
  • Multitube mortar
  • Radar
  • Poor gunnery capabilities

The Project 56 Braviy (‘the brave one’) was commissioned to the Soviet Navy at the beginning of 1956 and immediately became an experimental carrier to test the Angara radar. In 1960, the ship was upgraded to the Project 56K, and in 1962 she was the first in the Soviet fleet to receive the Volna-M SAM system for testing. After the end of the test program, the destroyer took part in a parade and exercises in Severomorsk, USSR. In the fall of 1970, the Bravy was damaged in a collision with the HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier , which was maneuvering during NATO exercises in the Mediterranean. After repairs, she participated in exercises and served in the Mediterranean, the western Atlantic, as well as off the coast of Africa. The Braviy was decommissioned in 1987 and scrapped for metal.


The Project 56K destroyer Bravy will appear in the game with the release of the next major War Thunder update and will become the first researchable ship in the game with SAM on board!

The Braviy shares many familiar characteristics with classic destroyers: Great mobility, and torpedo armament. However, you should not mistake this for any normal destroyer- this destroyer has an additional unique armament among her peers! Its main difference is its powerful rocket and missile armament of two multitube RBU-2500 mortars for unguided rocket launch depth charges and the Volna-M surface-to-air missile system. Mortars are capable of dealing tons of damage in a short time at close range, that’s why the ship is a perfect ambusher in the capture zones surrounded by rocks and small islands. The most unusual armament of the Braviy is her Volna-M SAM system with an ammunition load of 18 missiles. SACLOS missiles are capable of acquiring targets at 16 kilometers and are excellent for destroying aircraft at long and medium distances. Moreover, Volna-M missiles are also capable of hitting lightly armored surface targets, dealing tremendous damage when their 30 kg warheads detonate inside the hull. The mount has launching rails for two missiles, and reloading takes a very long time.

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As for the gunnery of the Braviy, it would be most reasonable to also use it to destroy aircraft and high-speed boats. The main guns of the destroyer are a pair of 130mm cannons in one mount with a total ammo of 500 rounds. Radar and radio-fuzed shells make these guns an effective long-range air defense system, while three quadruple 45mm mounts shred to pieces any aircraft at low altitude.


Project 56K Bravy is a very specific ship that can be used in various battle scenarios, especially as an excellent air shield for early dreadnoughts or as an island ambusher. Braviy will appear at rank IV of the Soviet bluewater fleet with the release of the upcoming major War Thunder update - goodness, we can't wait!

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