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Battle Pass vehicles: S-701

Iconic German E-boats of the 701-st series had an additional pair of torpedo tubes to shoot sternwards!

S-701, torpedo boat, Germany, rank III. Premium.


  • Rear torpedo tubes
  • Punchy guns
  • Good mobility
  • Lacks mines

S-701 was the latest produced of the E-boats series, being produced from 1944 till the end of WWII. The boats were equipped with an additional pair of torpedo tubes on the stern to shoot rearwards whilst retreating. The gunnery on the boat remained the same as on the previous series, with a total of four spare torpedoes on board. A total of 9 boats of the S-701 series were produced, with one boat sunk in action.


The German S-701 torpedo boat will be one of the main prizes in the upcoming season of the War Thunder Battle Pass, which is called “Her Majesty's Hussar”. This is, perhaps, the most advanced version of the famous E-boats, the main difference being a pair of additional torpedo tubes with a unique game mechanic of shooting to the rear. In addition, the S-701 retains all the branded features of her family, such as excellent mobility and powerful weapons.

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The E-boat is a true symbol of the mosquito fleet and one of the most efficient torpedo boat designs in history. It is a fast, low profile boat with excellent seaworthiness and powerful torpedoes, perfect for the most daring missions, including night operations and rough seas. Boats of the S-701 series are the latest modification of torpedo boats of this family. Built with the combat experience of World War II, the S-701s offer their captains the optimal set of weapons while maintaining excellent dynamics. An additional pair of torpedo tubes for 533mm torpedoes which are turned backwards was placed on a stern, while her guns are capable of destroying smaller vessels, enemy boats, as well as enemy aircraft. The main weapon caliber of the S-701 is a stern mount with a 37mm autocannon. A 30mm MK-103 aircraft gun with deadly HEI-T rounds, but relatively small magazines, is installed on the boat's bow. Behind the wheelhouse, a pair of rapid-fire 20mm guns are installed, good for shooting down low-flying aircraft.

A decent speed of over 70 km/h and excellent maneuverability for its dimensions are best suited for providing shadow strikes with a pair of sternward torpedo tubes while retreating from your enemy under the cover of a smoke screen.


The premium S-701 will be a “paid” prize for the new season of the Battle Pass, i.e., to receive it, you need to purchase the Battle Pass, complete a certain number of stages and score a required number of progress points. This is a good addition to an early German bluewater setup for capturing points and torpedo ambushes, and a great pick for mid-rank coastal fleet dogfights. Follow the news and learn more about the prizes and rules of the new season! See ya!

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