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Meet the new War Thunder soundtracks for modern vehicles!

Music from your favorite game can be enjoyed from outside it — and we're happy to give you an opportunity to do so. Following the classic War Thunder soundtrack that was dedicated to the vehicles of WWII, we released two new albums. They consist of 20 tracks that were added to the game in the Apex Predators update and are played during the battles of the Cold War era and more modern ground and air vehicles. We hope to please commanders of the navy with new music in the foreseeable future!

You can find War Thunder Original Game Soundtrack Air Forces Vol. 2 and War Thunder Original Game Soundtrack Ground Forces Vol. 2 on numerous platforms: from Apple Music and Spotify to Amazon and YouTube. Over an hour and a half of music that can inspire great deeds!

To commemorate the release of the soundtracks, we’d like to present new wallpapers with artwork used on the covers of the albums.

Download Wallpaper:
Download Wallpaper:
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