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Repair Factory: A-7K Corsair II

A new two-seater Corsair II comes to War Thunder as the main prize in the upcoming Repair Factory event.

A-7K Corsair II, strike aircraft, USA, rank VII, event vehicle.


  • Max payload 12,000 lb
  • Variety of weapons available
  • Thermal imaging targeting pod
  • Subsonic

The Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) started the development of the two-seater Corsair for the US National Guard. The new model originated from the A-7D modification, the fuselage of which was lengthened to accommodate the co-pilot. In total, 30 A-7K were built, which were also used as trainer aircraft. In the late 1980s, 8 aircraft were equipped with the LANA (Low-Altitude Night Attack) thermal imaging targeting pod, which made it possible to use the strike aircraft at night.


In War Thunder, the two-seat A-7K Corsair II strike aircraft will become the main aviation prize of the Repair Factory event and will be added to the game as an US event aircraft at rank VII.

The new Corsair II is very similar in terms of performance characteristics and the range of weapons used to the A-7D version, on the basis of which the two-seat version was created, but differs from by the LANA thermal imaging pod. In our game, the Corsair II strike aircraft are among the best of their kind, and rightly so. The new event aircraft will only confirm the glory of her family!

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Despite its comparatively low top speed, which makes it highly dependent on allied fighter cover, the A-7K is capable of delivering truly devastating strikes against ground targets in any game mode. Pilots will have the opportunity to equip the vehicle as a heavy “bomb truck” that carries over 6 tons of bombs in various calibers to enemy bases. For mixed battles, the best choice would be rockets, as well as guided munitions - GBU-8 guided bombs (up to four at once) and AGM-65B Maverick missiles (up to six missiles at once). By the way, a thermal imager will also come in handy here. The pilot will be able to combine all these weapons, as well as incendiary bombs, cannon pods and, which is especially nice, AIM-9J and AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, in the secondary weaponry editor before each mission.


Take part in the big spring Repair Factory event to get the A-7K Corsair II strike aircraft and many other prizes! Full list of terms comes tomorrow!

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