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Repair Factory: QN506

The QN506 is a modern Chinese concept for a fighting vehicle to support tanks. The branded feature of the vehicle is the unmanned turret with automatic cannon and multipurpose missiles of different calibers.

QN506, light tank, China, rank VI. Event vehicle.


  • Unmanned turret
  • Two types of missiles, including “fire and forget”
  • High profile

In 2018, at the Chinese Airshow, the Gaode Defense presented a new tank support combat vehicle built on the ZTZ59 tank chassis based on the concept of the Russian BMPT. The habitable space of the vehicle is reduced to the fighting compartment in the hull, and in the unmanned turret housed a combat module, including a 30-mm autocannon with a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun, sights and a radar, as well missile launchers of two calibers - for four QN502 ATGMs, as well as for twenty minor missiles of the QN201 series. The protection of the tank chassis has been reinforced by FY-2 ERA protection on the upper front plate.


The QN506 tank support fighting vehicle will be the main tank prize of the upcoming War Thunder crafting event. The vehicle will appear at rank VI in the Chinese armored vehicles tech tree as an event vehicle. The long-awaited high rank ATGM carrier for China - what will it be like?

The experimental QN506 is a true fair of the modern military technologies. The entire crew is located in the hull compartment, which allows the vehicle to operate safely from low shelters. The unmanned combat module includes a 30-mm autocannon with a coaxial machine gun and an ammunition load of 200 rounds, including armor-piercing ones. The cannon is capable of penetrating most tanks from the side, and light vehicles and helicopters in any projection. Much more interesting, however, is the QN506 missiles. Missile launchers of various calibers are installed in the turret’s sides. The main anti-tank caliber of the vehicle is QN502 “fire and forget” missiles. They are located in four launchers. Above the QN502 launchers there are minor launchers of the QN201 multipurpose missiles. These small missiles are guided via sight and feature much less penetration values, however you will be able to take 20 missiles into battle!

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In order to save the budget of the project, the engineers kept the original ZTZ59 engine for the QN506. As a result, the vehicle has quite good dynamics, but sometimes the maximum speed of 50 km/h may not be enough. Another factor that future commanders should pay attention to is the high profile of the vehicle due to the high position of the optics.

The QN506 will be a great addition to China's top setup, making it more flexible and adaptable to different combat situations and remaining respawn points. Very soon we will present you a complete list of rules for the upcoming crafting event in War Thunder - stay tuned!

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