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Atomic Thunder: meet the lineup of unique Soviet robotics!
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You have probably already heard about a top secret base built in the USSR in late 1950s and known as Facility 3826. They have found many uses - domestic and professional. But thanks to the “Atomic Heart” project, robots now have decent battle abilities and battle vehicles have a place in War Thunder, of course.


We are introducing a separate lineup of secret Soviet robots created in collaboration with Atomic Heart! Here you will find the most diverse vehicles. For example, MA-9 Belyash welding robot inspired by chimpanzees which can easily climb even on vertical surfaces and this makes it a perfect scout. Designed for repair and construction work, the NA-T256 Natasha is equipped with a jetpack that allows it to launch vertically and reach speeds of up to 95 km/h. It is also armed with anti-personnel mines, a rocket launcher and Katyusha 3.0 multiple rocket launcher, making it indispensable in support. Air attack equipment such as the MTU-7 Bumblebee truck with laser system or a small-sized mobile drone LUC-1 Owl with ShKAS automatic machine guns are also widely represented in the lineup.

Thanks to the detailed documentation received from Scientific and Industrial Facility 3826, battle robotics will be embodied into War Thunder with all certainty.

Wait for it on the battlefields!

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