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Bosses of the Gym

Your crews have nothing to do between battles and your technicians just dawdle around and chatter in the hangar? Get them into the gym!

Soon, the crews and the hangar tech guys will be able to take care of their health, and at the same time achieve for you unique game content - click on the characters in the hangar and send any of them for training! With the time spent in working out, they will be able to get you special titles, decals, decorations and loading screens dedicated to sports, wrestling and a healthy lifestyle.

The training of crews and technicians is available when they are free from battles. The training progress will happen all the time while the game client is open and the crews are working out. If during training you decide to go into battle, to resume training you will need to send the crews back to the gym.

Who will be the real boss of the gym? We'll find out soon! Stay tuned for the announcement of your hangar personnel training program! Go hard!

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