War Thunder background
Meet the guest account!

As you may have noticed, War Thunder now has a “Guest login” button at the game start. This option helps novice players to get into the game easier and allows them to login to the game without account registration and email confirmation.

All you need to do is to choose a nickname, that’s all! The guest account allows you to play armored vehicles, aircraft, or ship battles as long as you desire. You are also able to re-login to the game as a guest from the same PC and operating system, but if you want to purchase from the Gaijin.Net store, it is required that you confirm your account via email.

To get the full access to the War Thunder options, click your nickname, then “Email confirmation”. Enter a valid email to which you have access and which was not already used to register a Gaijin account and you will be able to play from any supportable platform, get access to gaming chats, Golden Eagles purchases, and all benefits of authorization on forums, WT Wiki, Live, and other services. Once being confirmed, the account is no longer a guest, and authorization will request your login and password.

Guest login will allow beginners to quickly enter the game to try its main features.

We caution you that you can only create one Guest account for your OS. And the Guest account generates the same type of ID as registered one, giving us the opportunity to act in case of violating game rules or any forbidden software usage.

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