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Squadron vehicles: Hunter F.58

The Swiss version of the iconic British Hawker Hunter jet fighter, melding air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. The Hunter, versatile like never before, will be yours for free for squadron activity points!

Hunter F.58, jet fighter, Germany, rank VI. Squadron vehicle.


  • Air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles
  • Good manoeuvrability at high speed
  • Countermeasures

When in 1957, the Swiss Air Force announced competition for a new fighter, Great Britain offered its most up-to-date Hawker Hunter F.6 jet fighters. These fighters were successfully tested and 100 units of Hunters began to be prepared for delivery, both from Royal Air Force active service and ordered from the Hawker facilities. The latter were equipped with Swiss-standard radio equipment.
The next batch of 52 units was ordered in 1971. These aircraft were designated Hunter F.58A and were delivered as assembly kits in Switzerland. In 1982, some of the Hunter fighters in the service with the Swiss Air Force were upgraded with a radar warning system, countermeasures and weapon systems for high-precision air-to-surface armament.


A new squadron vehicle that will hit the hangar pads in “Sky Guardian”, the next major update, is an export Swiss version of the Hawker Hunter jet fighter as part of the German tech tree with unique weapons and a special camouflage. In addition to the long-awaited countermeasures, the pilots will have access to the air-to-air missiles, as well as export modification of the air-to-surface missiles to destroy ground targets.

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The flight performance of the new fighter is generally similar to the British Hunter FGA.9: it is a subsonic aircraft with a mediocre rate of climb. The pros of the Hunter F.58 include a fairly high flutter limit, low energy bleed and good manoeuvrability at higher speeds, which is quite rare for early jets.

The main attraction with the Hunter F.58 is the armament. Pilots will have access to Flz Lwf 63/80 air-to-air missiles (AIM-9P3 Sidewinder), which exceeds experimental SRAAM missiles in acquisition and flight distances, as well as tracking speed. Also, the new Hunter is capable of delivering more air-to-surface goodness too: conventional and incendiary bombs and unguided rockets are supplemented by the AGM-65B Maverick missiles (known here as the Flz Lwf LB 82).


Look for the Hunter F.58 in the list of available squadron vehicles with the release of the first major War Thunder update this year, “Sky Guardian”! Like all other unique squadron vehicles, this aircraft can be obtained completely free of charge, for Squadron activity points, as well as for Golden Eagles.

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