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Pre-order: USS CA-134 Des Moines 1948 heavy cruiser

A fast-firing Premium heavy cruiser, the USS Des Moines is available for pre-order as a special pack with Golden Eagles, Premium days and unique customization options!

USS CA-134 Des Moines 1948 Pack
USS CA-134 Des Moines 1948 Pack
  • USS CA-134 Des Moines 1948 (Rank IV, USA)
  • 2,000 Golden Eagles
  • 30 days Premium
  • Pre-order bonus: “The last all-gun" title
  • Pre-order bonus: Des Moines insignia decal
  • Pre-order bonus: US cruiser captain profile icon
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USS CA-134 Des Moines is a heavy cruiser, developed in the USA in the mid 1940s. At that time, the Des Moines type embodied all the world experience gained during the war years. Its armament, armoring, air defense and electronic weaponry were far superior to all ships within its class.

Портрет командира крейсера США
US cruiser captain profile icon
Декаль «Эмблема Des Moines»
Des Moines insignia decal

The key element of the project was the new rapid-fire main battery guns with automated reload - the fire performance of the Des Moines-class cruisers significantly exceeded all previous analogues. The maximum speed of the ship is 33 knots (61 km/h). It is armed with nine 203 mm guns in three triple mounts, twelve 127 mm guns in six twin mounts, twelve twin 76 mm automatic gun mounts and twelve twin 20 mm Oerlikon AA guns. In addition, the cruiser is equipped with aft smoke equipment for setting smoke screens.

USS CA-134 Des Moines will be added to the game in the upcoming major update of War Thunder. All pre-order customers will also get special customization options: “The last all-gun" title, unique profile icon, as well as Des Moines insignia decal.

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