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Update for the War Thunder CDK!

Did you know how easily you can customize War Thunder, or even add your own content to the game? Meet the official content creation tools pack, the War Thunder CDK!

Get the exact tools War Thunder developers use — we’re constantly updating the Content Development Kit to share new features with our content creators. Recently, we released an updated version of the CDK compatible with the Apex Predators update.

What you can do with the CDK

Create unique missions! All those amazing and crazy missions in Custom Battle mode you see are created with the CDK. Mind-blowing wall on wall clashes, testing grounds for all War Thunder vehicles, “battle royales” and many more on the Live WT portal.

Own locations - from custom hangar pad to unique game maps. Check the player created collections on WT Live!

Your dream vehicles - create your models and get real money if your vehicle is added to the game.

Get started with the CDK

Browse the latest version and complete manuals on how to customize War Thunder in your own way, even beyond the CDK - user-created sights, custom localizations, camos, sound mods. All these are allowed in War Thunder and will help you to enhance your game experience!


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