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National Foundation Day in Japan
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According to legend, Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan ascended to the throne 2683 years ago on the first day of the first Lunar month — that was February 11th, 660 BC.

After the Meiji Restoration, the Emperor decreed this day a national holiday; it was temporarily banned after WWII, but was brought back in the mid-1960s.

On February 11th Japanese temples hold festivals, buildings are decorated with flags, and the royal family addresses the nation.

From February 10th ( 11:00 GMT) until February 13th (7:00 GMT), play 3 battles using Japanese vehicles (rank III or higher, with an activity of not less than 70%) to receive the “The Guardian of Japan” decal.

Complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions and [Assault] mode. Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → National Foundation Day in Japan.

“The Guardian of Japan” decal

You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customisation menu.

Special -50% sale

February 10th, 11:00 GMT till February 13th, 11:00 GMT

Japanese Pacific Campaign (1941-1942) -50%
Japanese Pacific Campaign (1941-1942) -50%
The Kit Includes:
  • Fighter A6M5 Ko (Rank 4, Japan);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 850 Golden Eagles;
  • Japanese Pacific Campaign.
Japanese Starter Pack -50%
Japanese Starter Pack -50%
The Kit Includes:
  • Chi-He (5th Regiment) tank (Rank 2, Japan);
  • Ki-44-I 34 Shoki fighter (Rank 2, Japan);
  • 120000 Silver Lions;
  • Premium Account for 7 days.

Limited time offer: IJN Kiyoshimo, J2M4 Kai and Type 74 mod G/Kai for Golden Eagles

Don’t miss the chance to purchase the premium IJN Kiyoshimo destroyer, the premium J2M4 Kai fighter and the premium Type 74 mod G/Kai tank for Golden Eagles! The offer is open until February 13th, 11:00 GMT

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