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Battle Pass vehicles: Project 183 BM-21

The Cold war Soviet torpedo boat gets into a gun frenzy with a BM-21 "Grad" multiple launch rocket system mounted instead of the rear turret!

Project 183 BM-21, gun boat, USSR, rank III. Premium.


  • The MLRS
  • Rapid-firing 25mm guns
  • High speed
  • Lacks torpedoes

The Project 183 large torpedo boats were designed with the experience of the Soviet Navy in World War II, keeping high seaworthiness, good sailing performance and modern armament as priority characteristics. The project became one of the most massively produced torpedo boats in the history of the USSR, with numerous versions and modifications, including the first carrier of anti-ship missiles in history. Aside from domestic service, the boat was delivered abroad, including Cuba, East Germany, China, and Egypt. One of the modifications of the boat in the Egyptian service had the BM-21 multiple launch rocket system installed in place of the stern turret. The torpedo armament was dismantled from the boat in this version. Project 183 BM-21 also received more advanced navigation radar.

The Project 183 torpedo boat is a true veteran of War Thunder. This speedy boat with fast-firing 25mm cannons was one of the first controllable craft in the naval game and has been a hit with captains of the coastal fleet ever since. The advantages of the boat include a combination of good speed and automatic guns, rare for Soviet boats, which makes the Project 183 one of the best picks for aggressive gameplay and capturing points. Among the boat's shortcomings, one can note a small number of torpedoes coupled with a poor clip size for 25 mm cannons, and not the greatest survivability.


In the upcoming season of the War Thunder Battle Pass, all participants will have access to a premium version of the Project 183 boat, an export modification in service with the Egyptian navy. The torpedo armament on this version has been dismantled, and the rear gun mount also removed. In its place, the Egyptians mounted a BM-21 “Grad” MLRS with a total of 40 rockets!

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The boat in its new role acquires new features. First, with excellent top speed, Project 183 is still a good choice for capturing enemy points. The density of automatic fire has halved, but still, a pair of 25-mm machine guns is an extremely effective weapon at close range against both enemy boats and aircraft. Secondly, thanks to the “Grad” multiple launch rocket launcher, the premium boat can play like a naval mortar, delivering massive rocket strikes over long distances. Of course, the accuracy of a single rocket is poor, but a whole package of 40 shots will definitely reach enemies in the target zone, while the boat itself can be in cover behind an island or a rock.

The absence of torpedoes in the case of the Project 183 boat is not a significant drawback. As we remember, only two light torpedoes are available to the researchable version of the Project 183. The exchange of torpedo tubes, doubtful in terms of effectiveness in battles in the coastal fleet, for MLRS is definitely beneficial.

So, the Project 183 premium boat with the MLRS will become the main naval prize of the upcoming War Thunder Battle Pass season. Soon we will tell you about other prizes of the new season, and next week, don't miss the big announcement with the full list of rules. See you very soon - stay tuned!

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