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Apex Predators Update: New Locations

Introducing two new locations for mixed battles that will be added to the game in the upcoming major update. Meet the industrial area of the mine complex in the location "Gold Quarry" and the winter version of your favorite "Poland"!

"Gold Quarry"

A large area in a gold mining quarry comes to the game as the new battleground for Mixed Battles. The gold ore refinery plant in the Tien Shan Mountains provides storage, processing and shipping facilities, as well as ensuring operation of quarry vehicles.



The teams will face off trying to control the capture points among the ore heaps, under the concrete walls of the plant's workshops and giant haulage trucks. The location turns out to be very diverse in terms of tactical approaches and offers several options for attacking each capture zone.

"Snowy Poland"

An early winter has fallen on a Polish town. Snow has covered the leaves of groves and shrubs that have not yet fallen, the lake near the old castle is covered with ice ... but the war is raging on! Welcome to the winter version of the popular location “Poland”.



You know every street and every bush here, but winter has its own laws! So, for example, snowdrifts will change the familiar shoot-throughs, and the frozen lake has become a new direction for breaking through to capture zones.

In the winter version we tried our best to smooth and fix rare issues of the traditional location, and we need your feedback if we succeeded. Let's take a fresh look at Poland in the Apex Predators winter update!

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