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Tor-M1 and new options for SAM based SPAAGs

The Russian-built Tor-M1 surface-to-air missile system comes to the game as a new top-tier SPAAG in the Chinese tech tree. The vehicle brings new mechanics in launching missiles and tracking targets - check ‘em out!

Tor-M1, SAM SPAAG, China, rank VII


  • Two guidance modes
  • Capable of tracking and firing at two targets
  • Good mobility
  • Limited ammo
  • Exposed profile

The "Tor" short-range surface-to-air missile system was put into service with the Soviet Army in 1986. At that time, "Tor" was one of the most advanced air defense missile systems in the world, but almost immediately after commissioning, the Antey Concern initiated an upgrade program. As a result of the modernization, “Tor” received an additional fire control channel, the kill ability of the missile warhead increased, and the algorithms for hitting low-flying targets were improved. The updated system designated Tor-M1 was successfully tested in 1989 and soon after entered service with the Russian army in 1991. At the moment, Tor-M1 is serving in the Russian army, as well as actively exporting.


In War Thunder, the Tor-M1 missile system becomes the top SPAAG of the Chinese armored vehicle tech tree. This is the first SAM SPAAG with vertical launch in the game, as well as the first system capable of firing two missiles at one target or indeed different targets.

With the introduction of the Tor-M1 with vertical launch, a new target engagement mode has been added to the game - the half-lead mode. This mode targets the missile at a lead point along the course of the aircraft, and requires the distance data to the target. The half-lead mode allows a reduction in the available overload when firing targets with high course angles. Commanders of the Tor-M1 have a choice between the classic three-point guidance mode and the half-lead mode, or it can just put the automatic choice of the guiding mode. You can toggle the targeting methods by assigning a button to the “Switching missile targeting lead method” option in the controls menu.

Download Wallpaper:

Tor-M1 is capable of engaging two missiles at one or two different targets. To do this, both targets must be in the 15x15 degree sector, and the second target has to be selected with the “Select Radar/IRST target to lock on” button.

Missiles in the Tor-M1 have a mortar-like launch, and do a zoom-climb while being fired at the low targets to avoid collisions with objects on the ground.

Tor-M1 is a purely anti-aircraft vehicle, it almost does not have the ability to hit armored vehicles (the deadzone range is about a kilometer), there are not even machine guns to mark a target for allies. With its huge radar, the Tor-M1 has a very high profile, so commanders need to use proper cover against enemy tanks. In addition, you should also remember about the limited Tor-M1 ammunition capacity, which is only 8 missiles.

But all these are not as relevant as Tor’s combat abilities. In fact, only Tor-M1 is able to cover the entire team against enemy aircraft. The missiles engage any air target at any altitude or speed, while the extended control flight time allows you to hit targets at distances up to 12 km!

Tor-M1 is already available for research in the Chinese armored vehicles tech tree. This is one of the most technologically advanced combat vehicles in the game - be sure to try it in the game!

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