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The Helicopter tech-tree for China comes in the Drone Age update!
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In the upcoming major update we plan to introduce the tech-tree of Chinese helicopters!

Hey all! The first Chinese helicopter introduced to War Thunder recently, the Premium Z-19E, is finally followed by a researchable tech tree of the Chinese helicopters! The first aircraft will land in the upcoming major update Drone Age.

The history of Chinese combat helicopters started with the adaptation of transport helicopters for combat purposes, as well as from researching foreign helicopters. Z-9WA was the first domestically built strike helicopter, which was created after the French Dauphin. A few projects were initiated soon after, including the light reconnaissance Z-11WA and the fairly successful Z-19. The first ‘heavy’ combat helicopter, the Z-10 was created with the assistance of the Russia-based Kamov design bureau.


Chinese helicopter weapons traveled the same way from reverse engineering and licensed production to the 100% domestically designed and built pieces. Already on the entry-level helicopters War Thunder pilots will have at their disposal the HJ-8C ATGM, with limited range, but equipped with a tandem warhead. Elegant and deadly Z-10 wields laser-guided AKD-9 and AKD-10 anti-tank missiles. Air-to-air TY-90 missiles with all-aspect seeker should also not go umentioned here, since they in fact are the best in the game helicopter weapon of this class to the date.

So, the first Chinese researchable helicopters in War Thunder are light and agile SA.342L Gazelle and Z-11WA, first domestically built strike helicopters Z-9W and Z-9WA, as well as modern advanced strike helicopters Z-19 and Z-10.

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