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Su-25 and Su-25K: Armor-pecking Rooks

Legendary Sukhoi Su-25 Soviet strike jet aircraft comes to War Thunder in two versions that will be available in the upcoming Drone Age update!

Su-25, attack aircraft, USSR, rank VI


  • Huge payload
  • Good selections of armament
  • Highly durable
  • Ballistic calculator

With the 1969 competition for a new battlefield aircraft, the Sukhoi design bureau submitted the T-8 project, which had previously been developed - an easy to manufacture and maintain front-line attack aircraft designed for direct support of ground forces and capable of operating from unprepared airfields. After winning the competition, the Sukhoi engineers began construction of prototypes. The first prototype was ready by November 1974, and in February of the following year, the aircraft took to the skies for the first time. The aircraft’s first test pilot was Vladimir Ilyushin, the son of the creator of the famous WWII Sturmoviks. In 1980, prototypes of the T-8 aircraft were successfully used in combat operations in Afghanistan, and from April 1981, massively produced aircraft under the designation Su-25 began to enter Soviet combat units. Since then, Su-25 attack aircraft have been in service with the Soviet Air Force and have been exported intensively. The first foreign operator of the Su-25K export version was Czechoslovakia in 1984. Aircraft of the Su-25 series are still in service with the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of other countries.

In the next War Thunder update Drone Age, we are going to introduce to the game two versions of probably the best Soviet/Russian attack aircraft - the Sukhoi Su-25 (NATO reporting name “Frogfoot”), a researchable Su-25, as well as an export Su-25K variant as a rank VI premium aircraft. Both attack aircraft are excellent for destroying ground targets and can hold their own in dogfights as well.

Fun fact: in the ex-Soviet countries the Su-25 is widely known as ‘Grach’ (Russian for “Rook”). Some believe that the nickname originated from the similarity of the aircraft nose with a beak of a bird. Another version of the origin is that the callsign of a pair of prototypes first used in Afghanistan was the “Rook”.

The basic weapon of the Su-25 is a 30mm GSH-2-30 rapid-fire cannon, with 250 rounds of ammunition, including armor-piercing belts. The cannon is well suited for destroying lightly armored vehicles and helicopters, and being loaded with the AP rounds, is capable of destroying main battle tanks.


The list of the suspended weapons is a real feast for all gun geeks. Su-25 organically combines a large number of guided and unguided weapons. The ballistic calculator makes it fun and easy to drop unguided weapons from low and medium heights. Incendiary bombs; HE bombs in calibers of 100, 250 and 500 kg; small rockets S-5K, S-8KO and S-13OF; large rockets of the S-24 family and the jumbo rockets S-25 in three modifications. There are also guided missiles S-25L, Kh-25, Kh-25ML and a huge Kh-29L to engage ground targets. All this variety of weapons, coupled with gun pods and R-60 and R-60M air-to-air missiles, the pilot will be able to combine on his own, or use ready setups available in the secondary armaments menu!

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Since the aircraft was designed for strikes from low altitudes, the speed of the Su-25 is relatively low, just up to 1,000 km/h at the ground level, but the aircraft is well controlled at low speeds even with a significant weight of suspended weapons. The pilot is in an armored capsule made of steel and titanium armor, the front of the canopy is armored as well. The aircraft is a real die-hard, able to survive not only bursts of the .50 bullets, but in some cases direct hits of the aircraft or AA cannons.

With the release of the major update Drone Age, two versions of the attack aircraft will appear in the game: the researchable Su-25 and the export version of the Su-25K. In general, this is a reliable, lethal and pleasant to operate attack aircraft, which must be in the top-tier setup for mixed battles of every enthusiast of the USSR battle machines!

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