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New visual effects in the Drone Age update

The upcoming War Thunder major update Drone Age brings new cool visuals to the game! Check out new explosions for ground and naval vehicles, improved hit camera, and more!

Improved effects for damaged and destroyed vehicles

We continue to improve the visual effects of damaged and destroyed vehicles. Explosions now look better - you will not only see detached external equipment, like canisters, tools, or spare tracks, but also torn off sprockets and wheels. Detached track wheels feature their own physics, and other players will be able to interact with them for some time before detached parts disappear. Sometimes, blown off parts leave trails of smoke and fire behind them. You will also see similar effects in naval battles as well.

An explosion of a ground vehicle as a result of the detonation of an ammo rack now consists of a set of several explosions that are chosen randomly - now such explosions will not be similar to each other. By the way, the same mechanics of explosions will be implemented for ships and boats as well.

Improved hit camera

In the hit camera, kill camera, as well as in the protection analysis menu, we have added high-quality models of shells and missiles - the same as in battles. We also modeled the detailed penetration process (for kill cam and the protection analysis) that is based on a procedural simulation of armor penetration.

Procedure effects of the shell hits

Both ground and naval battles will now have impact effects from the shell hitting armor. Depending on the shell’s type and caliber, you’ll be able to see smoke in the impact point, followed by the flame whirling out of the hole if the armor was penetrated at that point.

Flaming fuel

We improved the fire effects from fuel tanks and introduced a new scenario in the aircraft damage model - fuel tank explosion. New effects have been added for the fuel tank explosion both in the air and on the ground. Also, the fire area is now dependent on the volume of the fuel tanks.

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