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Squadron vehicles: T-80UK

The T-80UK Main battle tank comes as a new squadron vehicle available with the release of the next major War Thunder update.

T-80UK, main battle tank, USSR, rank VII, Squadron vehicle


  • Shtora-1 Soft Kill Active Protection System
  • Automatic loader
  • Remote fuze HE shells
  • Well protected

Further development of the T-80U tanks continued after they were put into service. In 1992, engineers presented a modification of the T-80UM with a thermal sight and a new radio station. On the basis of this modification, the T-80UK (“K” for “commander tank”) was developed, which was equipped with the Shtora-1 soft-kill active protection system, a programmable remote detonation system for HE shells, an additional radio station and improved navigation equipment. In total, several dozen units of the T-80UK modification were produced.


The T-80UK main battle tank will be added as a new squadron vehicle along with the release of the next major War Thunder update. One of the best Soviet tanks in the game gets even better! The first thing that catches the eye are the IR emitters of the Shtora-1 soft-kill active protection system, which will be recognizable to weathered tankers familiar with the T-90A tank. Shtora interferes with the guidance beam of anti-tank guided missiles, as a result an incoming missile will veer off course when guided towards the tank. In addition, the Shtora's sensors will warn the commander if the tank has been pinged by the laser acquisition system of missiles with a semi-active seeker, in order to give the crew enough time to find cover or hide in a smoke screen.

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The second noticeable feature of the T-80UK are the 3OF26 EDKV high-explosive fragmentation shells with a programmable fuse. Measure the distance to the target with a laser rangefinder and send fragmentation shells towards an enemy vehicle behind low cover. The shells will explode above the target, hitting the enemy in the poorly protected turret roof or engine compartment. With some skill, you can also try to shoot down helicopters hovering at a great distance. In addition, the projectile itself has a significant amount of explosive inside and can be successfully used to blow up enemy tanks when landed accurately.

In terms of all other characteristics, the commander variant of the tank is identical to the T-80U, one of the most popular tanks for top-tier battles. Integrated ERA protection combined with composite armor, excellent mobility, ATGMs and decent armor-piercing rounds, a modern fire control system with a thermal imager and a two-plane stabilizer - in short, a collection of the most advanced and useful War Thunder tank technologies.

Like all other squadron vehicles, the T-80UK will be available to players both for squadron activity points and for Golden Eagles. We also remind you that squadron activity points after the release of the new update will invest automatically into the research progress of the squadron vehicle of your choice, no need to distribute them manually. Play War Thunder, join squadrons or recruit fighters for your own squadron, and get great squadron vehicles for free!

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