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Squadron vehicles: Object 122TM

Experimental Chinese tank wielding a 120mm smooth-bore gun and four ATGMs comes to the game as a new squadron vehicle!

Object 122TM, medium tank, China, rank VI. Squadron vehicle


  • Smooth-bore 120mm main gun
  • Four ATGM launchers on the turret
  • Good mobility

With the release of the next major update, squadron activity points will be automatically distributed to the player selected squadron vehicles when they are allocated (like regular Research Points), and you will no longer have to do this manually on every occasion.


In 1967 Chinese engineers began development of a new tank under the factory title Object 122. After the Zhenbao/Damansky Island incident in 1969, the PLA army recognized the poor efficiency of the Type 59 tanks in service with China and decided to speed up work on the Object 122 project. The first prototype of the Object 122TH with hydropneumatic suspension and hydraulic transmission appeared in 1970. However, the tests revealed its complexity in production and extremely low reliability, and further development of the prototype was canceled. The second version of the tank - Object 122TM - was completed a year later. The tank received a new main gun, a domestic smoothbore 120 mm cannon. Also, as in the previous Object 122TH design, the tank's turret had mounts for four ATGM launchers in the turret’s front. Despite the transition to a simpler mechanical transmission and torsion bar suspension, as well as correcting the teething issues of the first prototype, the reliability of the tank, as well as its high complexity in producatrion, still did not suit military authorities. In April 1975, the Object 122TM project was finally closed. The only survivor tank with dismantled fire control system, ATGM launchers and a missile guidance system is now exhibited on the territory of the NORINCO plant in Inner Mongolia, another tank’s turret was on display at the Beijing tank museum.


The experimental Chinese medium tank Object 122TM is a new squadron vehicle for all War Thunder players. This is a classic layout tank with a cast domed turret and a Chinese-made 120-mm cannon. The vehicle features four launchers for anti-tank guided missiles, which may be used in battles not only against armored vehicles, but also against enemy helicopters. The gun itself has a fairly good flatness and is equipped with a stabilizer and night vision device in the gunner's sight. At the commander's disposal there are two types of armor-piercing fin-stabilized rounds, as well as high-explosive and shape-charged rounds. The tank has a good maximum speed, but most importantly, a high power-to-weight ratio. Coupled with a good turret traverse speed, this makes it an excellent close quarter duelist!

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The Object 122TM will become a rank VI tank in the Chinese armored vehicle tech tree. It can definitely be recommended for tank assaults and urban battles, however, guided missiles and APFSDS shells will be very useful at long range shootouts. The tank doesn’t have any anti-HEAT protection and is very vulnerable to ATGMs and enemy HEAT rounds, however, a domed cast turret can sometimes protect against some kinetic projectiles.

Any soldier or officer in War Thunder squadrons can get the excellent high-rank Object 122TM for squadron activity points; players who are not members of squadrons yet will be able to purchase the vehicle for Golden Eagles. The first Chinese squadron tank in the game will never let you down!

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