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Type 74 (G)

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The Type 74 was only the second tank created in post-war Japan. But it was made well: the first model was produced in 1975, but thanks to new modifications, it remained in use for many years. G is the ultimate modification of Type 74, and also the final.

Why? It’s all about the money: state of the art equipment costs a fortune. Judge by yourselves: a powerful 720 HP engine, side skirts, a thermal imaging system, and a laser rangefinder!

But the coolest feature of the Type 74 G is the hydropneumatic suspension. Thanks to it and the two-plane stabilized gun this tank is well suited for a sniper role: carefully peek from cover just enough to make an accurate shot.

Type 74 G is also great at defense using the “shoot and hide to reload” tactic. Use the high mobility and accuracy of your tank to take care of the enemy before they even notice you and have a chance to counterattack!

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“Approved by Wiki: Type 74 (G)” — unique decal for each new vehicle.
“Approved by Wiki: Type 74 (G)” — unique decal for each new vehicle.

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