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70-years Anniversary of the victory in the battle for Stalingrad
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War Thunder team is pleased to congratulate the players on the anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, and has prepared for you a pleasant 

from 04:00 (GMT +4) on February 2, 06:00 (GMT +4) on February 4
  • +50% experience gain
  • - 25% of cost for all German and Soviet planes except premium
  • -25% of cost for Soviet premium aircraft I-153P, I-16 type 28, P-39K-1
  • The historic mission of «Operation» Uranus "in Historical and realistic battles.70 years ago, 1943 Feb.2,  Soviet army won the most cruel and large-scaled WWII battle – the battle for 

Battle for Stalingrad (started 1942 June 16th ) was doomed to be critical point for one of the fighting sides. After the fail of operation “Barbarossa” - quick charge and capturing Moscow early in 1941-42 – all the power of the world's strongest army of Nazi Germany was turned to Volga region, strategic center of  besieged USSR.

Third Reich land forces under command of  Marshall-General Fridrich Paulus were assisted by Colonel-General von Richthofen's 4th air fleet (active reserve – 1200 aircrafts). On the borders of Stalingrad they were met by Red Army newly-formed Stalingrad front forces under command of Marshall-General Timoshenko. By the beginning of combat actions in Stalingrad, well-trained and experienced Wermacht forces were greatly overwhelming Soviet army in the numbers of  infantry forces, tanks, artillery. The number of combat aircrafts was more than twice as big as Soviet.

Several months of fierce clashes on the ground and in the air, flames of bombings and howls of artillery, tank fights and brutal hand-to-hand combats in devastated residential districts. The breaking point of the siege was the operation “Uranus”, the first attempts of Soviet army to encircle the enemy.  It was at Stalingrad, where at the cost of heavy losses, superhuman fatigue, heroism and self-sacrifice, the steel of Soviet air forces was tempered.Heroic endurance and bravery of Soviet people destroyed and dispersed Nazi formations. This defeat of Hitler troops has become irreparable till the very end of WWII.

Today we honor the heroes of the battle for Stalingrad and invite you to celebrate with us. 

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