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Battle Pass vehicles: high-altitude interceptor BV 155

The experimental German BV 155 interceptor from the WWII era comes to the game as one of the prizes in the upcoming Battle Pass season.

BV 155, fighter, Germany, rank III. Premium.


  • Designed for high altitudes
  • Decently armed
  • Low roll rate
  • Lacks secondary weapons

In 1943, Blohm und Voss received a high-altitude interceptor project, which had previously been started by Messerschmidt AG. The initial design of the Me.155 was a carrier-based fighter, but the concept was suspended due to the suspension of work on the Graf Zeppelin aircraft carrier. They then tried to return to the project - the aircraft was supposed to become a fast-flying carrier of a 1,000 kg bomb. In the facilities of Blohm und Voss the aircraft was already finalized as the high-altitude interceptor, which was urgently needed due to the intensification of Allied bomber raids. The construction of prototypes of the machine, which received the designation BV 155, began in 1944; in September of the same year, the first prototype took its maiden flight. The aircraft was equipped with a pressurized cockpit, a turbocharger and an engine optimized for high altitudes. To compensate for dangerously high temperatures during takeoff, the fighter received fancy wide radiators on the wings. The third iteration of the fighter was supposed to go into series, and the production plan assumed the start of serial production in the spring of 1945. Due to the capture of the production facilities of the Finkenwerder factory by the Allies and the collapse of German industry, the BV 155 never entered mass production.


In our game, the BV 155 will be one of the prizes in the new War Thunder Battle Pass season, it is a German Premium fighter of rank III. German pilots will have one of the highest altitude piston fighters in the game at their disposal! Yes, this clunky-looking single-engine fighter with a huge wingspan reveals its potential at high and super-high altitudes. For example, at an altitude of 15,000 meters, the BV 155 is capable of maintaining a speed of about 690 km/h, that is, having gained altitude, this aircraft is unlikely to meet an enemy of equal speed on the very “upper floors” on the battlefield. In addition, the fighter is perfect for hunting high-altitude bombers - in the end, it was designed for this very purpose.

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Simultaneously, performance characteristics at lower altitudes are quite expected: at ground level, the speed of the aircraft is below 450 km/h, and the huge wings do not allow the pilot to hope for a quick roll or a sharp turn. The climb rate of the BV 155 is approximately 13.5 m/s at ground level, but increases slightly in the climb.

The newcomer BV 155 comes with a solid arsenal of cannons: a 30mm MK 108 motor cannon and a pair of 20mm MG 151 cannons in the wings, both calibers can be equipped with high-explosive “minengeschoss” belts. Since the aircraft was conceived as a high-altitude interceptor, it has no suspended weapons, so air battles in all difficulty modes will become a priority for its use.

An unusual and memorable BV 155 was made for War Thunder by fellow player Daniil “Joy_Division__" Zaitsev under the revenue share program. Thanks to his efforts, all War Thunder players will have a chance to get this fighter into their hangars for free for completing simple tasks of the Battle Pass. All details about prizes and rules of the new season come very soon. Stay tuned!

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