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Pages of History (July)

For the whole month, you will have 8 tasks available to you one by one. Completion of each task will award you with a trophy containing a reward, while completing all tasks will award you with a unique in-game player icon.

A detailed description of the current task as well as your overall progress can be found by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Pages of History

This simple farmer from New Zealand had shown such heroism during battles with Axis powers on Crete and in Egypt that he was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military award of Great Britain, twice. Upham fearlessly rushed the enemy fortifications, cleared the machine gun nests with grenades, and kept leading his squad into battle even after being seriously wounded. Due to these brave actions, he became the most highly decorated soldier of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Charles Upham

You can immediately purchase the profile icon for Golden Eagles until August 3rd, 11:30 GMT without completing tasks. Click Nickname → Achievements → Pages of History (July)

Trophy with a reward for each task

Completion of each individual task will bring you a trophy with one of the following rewards:

  • 20-50% RP booster for 3-10 battles;
  • 20-50% SL booster for 3-10 battles;
  • 3-5 universal backup vehicles;
  • 1 day of premium account;
  • A random camouflage for ground vehicles (out of the selection of camouflages currently obtainable in game for completing tasks, or purchasing with Golden Eagles).

Other terms

  • Tasks are available from 11:00 GMT until 11:30 GMT on the final day of each task.
  • Tasks can be completed in random battles, except for “Assault” mode

July 1st — July 4th
First Battle of El Alamein

Throughout the entirety of July 1942 the Axis powers and the forces of the British Commonwealth from the entire world fought under the blazing sun of Africa. Both sides tried to unseat each other from their positions, performed risky attacks and suffered considerable losses, but in the end the prolonged battle ended in a stalemate. Nevertheless, the Allies managed to stop field marshal Rommel's advance towards Alexandria.

July 5th — July 8th
Siauliai Offensive

Siauliai is the fourth largest city of Lithuania, and also the namesake of the operation to expel the German forces from the Baltic states that took place in July 1944. This operation lasted an entire month, and in the end the Red Army retook the Baltic Sea coast, freed most of Latvia and Lithuania and divided the Wehrmacht's forces, cutting off Army Group North from Army Group Centre.

July 9th — July 12th
Allied Invasion of Sicily

On the night of July 9-10th, 1943, the Allies began a massive amphibious and airborne operation to retake Sicily from the Axis powers, which would serve as a precursor to the invasion of Normandy a year later. The Allied forces landed in Sicily and after a battle that lasted for weeks managed to capture over a hundred thousand Italian soldiers. The success of this operation led to a regime change in Rome: Benito Mussolini was ousted from power, and the new Italian government surrendered to the Allies.

July 12th — July 15th
Battle of Prokhorovka

On July 12th, 1943, one of the largest tank battles in history took place near the Prokhorovka station in Belgorod oblast, Russia. The German forces wanted to pierce through the Soviet defenses and take Prokhorovka, while the Red Army planned to surround the enemy group. Both sides suffered heavy losses and neither managed to reach their goals. Still, the Wehrmacht's advance was stalled.

July 15th — July 19th
Operation Goodwood

Operation Goodwood was a part of a prolonged battle for the city of Caen in Normandy, France. The British forces intended to capture it right on D-Day, but the Germans kept a hold on the city even after a month and a half after the Allies landed in Normandy. So Operation Goodwood began with a massive bombing, followed by shelling of the German positions. And yet, because of poor coordination, the British tanks moved slowly and without due cover, and thus they took heavy losses and did not manage to capture the city.

July 20th — July 23rd
Battle of Guam (1944)

The operation to retake Guam, the largest of Mariana Islands, began on July 21nd, 1944. Despite fierce resistance from the Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender and endless rainfalls, the US troops took the island in three weeks. Guam then became the base for further operations in the Pacific Theater: advances towards the Philippines and Taiwan, as well as aerial attacks on Japan's own territory.

July 24th — July 27th
Operation Mersad

The last big military operation of the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. The renegade Iranian militant group called Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) advanced into Iranian Kurdistan with the support of the Iraqi army. But the Iraqi stopped halfway, and without air cover, the MEK forces were helpless before the Iranian air forces. After aerial attacks, the remaining MEK troops were surrounded and defeated by the Iranian army.

July 28th — July 31st
First Rzhev-Sychev Operation

In the summer of 1942 the Soviet army, having stopped Wehrmacht's Army Group Center under Rzhev, tried to mount a counteroffensive. Bloody battles were fought over every inch of land: the Red Army lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the "Rzhev Meat Grinder", having gained almost nothing. The German forces retreated from under Rzhev far later in 1943, after the Axis powers were defeated on other fronts.

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