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The “Advance” Event

From May 26th (10:00 GMT) until May 30th (7:00 GMT)

The “Advance” event is an asymmetrical mission for ground vehicles where each team has its own task: the attackers have to consecutively capture all the points on a map, while the defenders have to protect them!

Event features:

  • The event takes place in the AB and RB game modes.
  • When activated, each point belongs to the defending team.
  • The points activate consecutively one by one: after the attackers capture the current point, the next one unlocks.
  • The capture points alternate:
    • A, C and E (key points) — small, but take longer to capture.
    • B & D (interim points) — completely cover the previous respawn zone of the defenders, so their size is much larger than that of key points, but they are quicker to capture. After the interim point is captured, a new respawn point is unlocked for the attackers to push the next key point, while the previous respawn point becomes locked.
  • If the final key point (E) is captured or, if all the defenders are destroyed, the attackers win.
  • If the points are held throughout the mission duration or if all the attackers are destroyed, the defenders win.
  • The number of spawn points for each player is limited and differs depending on their team.
  • The maximum number of players in the teams are not the same.
  • in the RB game mode, the ground vehicles don’t require spawn points to respawn, while the aircraft do.
  • Repeated respawns that do not require backup vehicles are available.
  • To participate in the event, ground vehicles with a BR of 4.7 — 5.7 are required.
  • Vehicles with BR 3.7 — 5.7 can be used in this event.
  • The event takes place on the “Port Novorossiysk” map.
  • The event may end prematurely for technical reasons.
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