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Introducing the top teams of the OlyST CUP II tournament

The final matches of the OlySt CUP II tournament will take place this weekend. Participants are fighting for a prize fund of $2,000 and more than 200,000 Golden Eagles.

128 teams have competed with only a handful making it to the top of the standings. Will MRCLS retain the leadership? Can ENP get revenge? Who will take the top place? Find it out live!

Keep an eye on the grid, watch the live stream and win Twitch Drop prizes for watching the battles from 30th of April until 1st of May.


Get a closer look at some of the strongest teams making it to the final matches of the tournament.


A Spanish speaking team that emerged in 2018 and quickly established itself as a strong contender to win. REDA considers high ping to be their main opponent, but they are helped by the “power of love” to overcome it. With its help the team took first place in the Thunder Front 2021 tournament.


Friends who have known each other since 2018 and have been participating in tournaments for a long time found new players and in early 2021 founded Team YEET with the goal of becoming the top German speaking team in War Thunder. Under the leadership of the “duelist diva” Sturmlibelle the team won a number of weekly tournaments and is ready for great accomplishments.

OlySt Team

The team of friends from France has grown over the years into a large community with streamers, an eSport team and their own tournament that has been created for the second year in a row. The OlySt Team regularly ranks amongst the winners of War Thunder championships and enjoys a well deserved reputation.


This squadron of fighters from central and eastern Europe assembled before the Grand Final II 2019 and has quickly become one of the leaders among esport teams in War Thunder. Team captain “KrawsKeren” hasn't let his feet touch the ground since 2013, and all these 9 years, judging by his results, he hasn’t let go of the helm.


A predominantly Russian speaking team created in February of 2020. The dark horse of the OlySt CUP II tournament. Who knows what to expect from them? Especially taking into consideration that right before this year’s event WhiteBears joined Wexfon - the tanker from the OlySt team.


A relatively new team made up of veterans from various championships. Its founders were ranked 7-9 in tournaments with Pewpewguys and now, having strengthened the roster with experienced new recruits, are aiming for fifth place. Modesty itself!


The Russian speaking “Elite” is fighting for championship titles since 2019 and not without success. “Smoke Knight” VoLKoDaV and his team won first place at Victory Cup 2021 and they are not going to stop there.

EnyoProxy (ENP)

Favorites for the current championship were experienced eSporters back when the team was formed in 2016. Since then, ENP has won one victory after another: The Victory Cup 2020, Redragon 5x5, the ESR Cup, Defender 5х5 and of course in OlySt CUP. However in the small final ENP lost to MRCLS and dropped to the bottom grid of the tournament. They still have a chance to regain the lead - can they repeat last year’s success?

Miracles (MRCLS)

A young team that underwent considerable changes during the last couple of years of its existence. Their current squad was completed only last Autumn but has already established itself as one of the strongest squadrons of TSS. At registration most of the teams on the list bet that MRCLS would win OlySt CUP II tournament and so far that prediction looks like it may come true. MRCLS advanced to the big finals and will face the winners of the bottom grid on 1st of May at 19:08 GMT. Don’t miss the culmination of the OlySt CUP II tournament!

Twitch Drops (April 30th – May 1st)

Login on Twitch Link your Gaijin account → click "Allow" to receive Twitch Drops!


Among the viewers of the “OlySt CUP” tournament, the following will be raffled off:

  • “OlySt Team Fan” title;
  • “Basket with baguettes” decoration;
  • “OlySt” team camouflage (Centurion Mk.1);
  • “OlySt” team camouflage (AMX M4);
  • “OlySt” team camouflage (Char 25t);
  • “OlySt” team camouflage (Tiger II (P));
  • “OlySt” team camouflage (AMX-13 DCA 40);
  • “OlySt” team camouflage (T-34-85 Gai).

There will be a daily quiz among the viewers to win one of the following premium packs from the Gaijin.Net store: Merkava Mk.2D, MiG-21 SPS-K, ХМ-1, Turm III, М-51, F-5C, A-10A Thunderbolt (Early) or Type 96A Prototype.

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