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“Battle for arachis”: T-72M2 Moderna

A Slovak modernization of the T-72M tank with a modern fire control system, ERA protection, effective APFSDS round and an automatic 30-mm cannon!

T-72M2 Moderna, MBT, USSR, rank VI. Event vehicle.


  • Up-to-date fire control system with a panoramic sight
  • New TAPNA armor piercing rounds
  • Improved protection
  • Remotely controlled 30mm autocannon

After the division of Czechoslovakia followed by an economic crisis, Slovak tank builders found themselves on the brink of bankruptcy. Tank plant ZTS Dubnica initiated an upgrade project for the Soviet T-72 series MBT in order to make the tank interesting for both domestic and foreign operators. By 1993, together with the French company SFIM and the Belgian SABCA, a project was developed to modernize the T-72M1 tanks with a new VEGA fire control system, a new panoramic sight, an improved engine, domestic ERA protection and two gunpods with 20-mm KAA-200 guns on the turret’s sides.

The built prototypes of the new main battle tank were designated T-72M2 Moderna. Later, the tank was equipped by a new DYNAS explosive reactive armor, and two 20-mm guns were replaced with one 30-mm 2A42 cannon. Only a few prototypes of the T-72M2 Moderna were built.


In our game, the T-72M2 Moderna will become the main “tank” prize of the War Thunder “Battle for arachis” spring crafting event, she will be a new MBT in the USSR armored vehicle research tree at rank VI.

The T-72M2 Moderna is a rare combination of Soviet and Western tank building technologies. The French and Belgian partners of the Slovak plant ZTS supplied the tank with a modern computerized fire control system VEGA with a ballistic calculator, a thermal imager, and a new panoramic commander's sight.

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The tank received improved protection - the Slovak DYNAS explosive reactive armor effectively protects not only against shape-charged rounds and missiles, but also partially from kinetic rounds. In addition, the T-72M2 Moderna also received side and back rubber screens and grills, which improved the tank’s protection against ATGMs and chemical rounds. In addition, the survivability of the tank has increased thanks to the laser warning system. You will definitely notice the Soviet 30 mm 2A42 cannon on the turret’s side, which is very effective against light vehicles and helicopters. The mass of the tank has grown compared to the basic T-72M, but the new uprated engine fully compensates for the increase in weight.

The main gun is a slightly modified version of the well-known to our tankers Soviet 125-mm 2A46M cannon, but the Slovak TAPNA round is all-new to the game. This armor piercing fin-stabilized round is capable of armor penetration of just over 500 mm. For rank VI, it's just awesome!

You can get perhaps the most charismatic T-72 in the game simply by completing tasks of the “Battle for arachis” crafting event, which starts tomorrow, April 7th. The full list of prizes and the rules for participation in the event will be announced in our news today!

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