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“Battle for arachis”: Alecto Mk. I SPG
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A light British self-propelled gun in the initial rank features excellent firepower and an extremely low profile.

Alecto Mk. I, SPG, Britain, rank I. Premium.


  • Low profile
  • Open top
  • 95mm howitzer
  • Mediocre mobility

A further development of the Tetrarch light tank concept resulted in the Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins light cruiser tank, which Vickers-Armstrongs was creating to be an airborne tank. Since the mass of the vehicle by the beginning of the production exceeded the allowable for the project, and the design itself still required serious improvements, the company's engineering team decided to continue their work, turning the project into a light self-propelled unit with a 3.75”” howitzer Q.F. 95mm. The chassis engine compartment was completely unified with the Harry Hopkins, while the combat compartment and the gun were completely new for the series. The SPG is called Alecto I (or Alecto Mk. I) went to the testing in 1944 and, after implementing new changes (again with an increase in the mass of the machine), the self-propelled guns were built in a small batch by June 1945. The war had already ended by that time, and all units built were used mainly for training purposes and were decommissioned in 1955.


In War Thunder, the Alecto Mk. I will become a new SPG at rank I of the British armoured vehicle research tree. The vehicle will be one of the main prizes in the upcoming crafting event “Battle for arachis”, which starts in War Thunder on April 7th. This fancy little tank-ling is definitely worth fighting for and will become one of the best Premium units of the initial ranks to start researching British armour. The key advantages of the Alecto are her low profile and punchy gun. The vehicle has a rather compact size even among rank I tanks, and could be easily hidden in markerless modes in tall grass and bushes. The 95mm howitzer can fire smoke, high-explosive fragmentation and, most notably, HEAT rounds with more than 100mm of armour penetration and surprisingly smooth ballistics. The Alecto Mk.I self-propelled gun is able to defeat any target at rank I, and you can try to roll it out against more heavily armoured opponents with good chances of winning.

Of the shortcomings, it should be noted a fully open fighting compartment, light bulletproof armour and not the best dynamics - a 158-horsepower engine can accelerate the Alecto to a maximum speed of 30 mph (48 km/h), which is not bad, but not brilliant either. The Alecto also does not have a machine gun, which deprives the SPG of any chance to defend itself against aircraft or indicate the location of the enemy with tracers.

Premium status of the Alecto Mk.I allows you to quickly research any British vehicles of the initial rank and receive an increased reward in Silver Lions. Play in the entry-level battles, and try to take the vehicle to the battles of higher ranks - this is always a challenge to your skill and humiliation for the enemy!

Stay tuned to know more about other prizes of the “Battle for arachis” and the full terms, they are coming Soon!

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