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April Fool's Event!

From April 1st 09:00 GMT until April 25th 11:00 GMT

Two mighty houses fight for control of the cinnamon fields - the House of the Bull, ruled by tyrannical Mister Paejeh, and the armored corps of the imperial aristocrates, the House of the Hawk, new governors of the planet.

The mission objective is to achieve control over three key points in the desert location. The Houses of the Bull and Hawk use the same imperial combat vehicles, but each House has its own unique combat unit.

Combat machines of the noble Houses

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Fast and agile 4x4 wheeled all-terrain vehicle armed with a twin plasma autocannon and Red Spear guided anti-tank missiles.



The main battle tank of the Empire. The main caliber of the CT-T is a 140 mm rifled anti-tank gun. Auxiliary weapon - 30 mm autocannon on the turret’s top. The tank features a tracked chassis, smoke grenade launchers and combined armor.



Heavily armored MLRS provide fire support to the allies.



A light strike ornithopter with universal Fire Stone guided missiles and an automatic cannon turret is capable of hitting ground and air targets both at speed and in hover mode.



A special assault tank of the House of the Hawk, which uses a high-frequency sonic pulse to destroy armored vehicle crews in a wide area of ​​its action.



Heavy twin-gun tank of the House of the Bull with a nuclear power plant. The tank's 180mm guns are extremely effective against any ground targets. When a tank is destroyed, the reactor annihilates with a nuclear blast, killing everything in a certain radius from the D-OTR.

The Path of the Sand

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From 11:00 GMT April 1st to 11:30 GMT April 25th, achieve 12 Marks of distinction by completing stages on the Path of Sand to earn a unique title, portraits, crests, and cinnamon bags! Each stage lasts two days, in order to ascend the stage, you must earn at least 20,000 points in battles

  1. Profile icon
  2. April chest key х1
  3. Profile icon
  4. Noble House decal
  5. April chest key х3
  6. Profile icon
  7. Noble House decal
  8. Cinnamon bag
  9. "Ceremonial Cris" decorator
  10. Cinnamon bag
  11. Loading screen "Father of the Desert"
  12. "Cinnamon collector" title

For every 4,000 points in battles, you will receive precious cinnamon (no more than 10 bags per day). Cinnamon can be sold and bought on the Market, other relics of the Path of Sand cannot be bought or sold. Missing Marks of distinction ⭐ can be purchased for Golden Eagles until April 25th, at 12:00 GMT, even without completing tasks. PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to purchase bags of cinnamon for Golden Eagles. Cinnamon is used in the Workshop window in the Inventory to convert the original player’s profile portraits.

April’s Chest

A unique chance to get items from past April events! From April 1st to April 25th, the April Chest and the Key will be available for purchase in the Item Shop. From the chests you can get unique items, vehicles and camouflages from all the previous April events in War Thunder. In addition, chests contain boosters, bets, orders, and universal backups for vehicles.

The cost of the chest is 10,000 Silver Lions, the cost of the key is 50,000 Silver Lions. The key can also be obtained for completing the stages of Path of the Sand on steps 2 and 5.

April’s Chest may contain:


  • Coupon “Tiger (Germany)”
  • Coupon “Kingcobra (USA)”
  • Coupon “I-180S (USSR)”
  • Coupon “MPK Pr.122bis (USSR)”
  • Coupon “VFW (Germany)”
  • Coupon “Ju 388 J (Germany)”
  • Coupon “HMS Tiger (Britain)”
  • Coupon “Merkava Mk.1 (USA)”
  • Coupon “Sd.Kfz.234/1 (Germany)”
  • Coupon “SGB Grey Goose (Britain)”
  • Coupon “ AU-1 (USA)”
  • Coupon “Object 279 (USSR)”
  • Coupon “SU-76D (USSR)”
  • Coupon “JDS Yūgure (DD-184) (Japan)”
  • Coupon “F-4F Early (Germany)”
  • Coupon “XM8 (USA)”


  • Coupon “I-180S: Summer camouflage”
  • Coupon “Ju 388 J: Bicolor grey camouflage”
  • Coupon “VFW: Tricolor summer camouflage (spots)”
  • Coupon “Merkava Mk.1: Tricolor camouflage”
  • Coupon “MPK Pr.122bis: Deforming tricolor camouflage”
  • Coupon “HMS Tiger: Deforming camouflage”
  • Coupon “Sd.Kfz.234/1: Black camouflage”
  • Coupon “SGB Grey Goose: Black camouflage”
  • Coupon “ AU-1: Black camouflage”
  • Coupon “Object 279: Black camouflage”


  • Coupon “The Magic Hat”
  • Coupon “Hat with Feather”
  • Coupon “Foil Cap”
  • Coupon “Viking Helmet”
  • Coupon “Leprechaun’s Hat”
  • Coupon “Pirate’s Hat”
  • Coupon “Rabbit’s Ears”
  • Coupon “Sombrero”
  • Coupon “Uncle Sam’s Hat”
  • Coupon “Cap and Bells”


  • Hat Trophy

Silver Lions:

  • 10 000
  • 15 000
  • 25 000
  • 50 000
  • 100 000
  • 500 000
  • 1 000 000


  • Battle Trophy (Booster)
  • Battle Trophy (Booster)
  • Random Wager
  • Universal Backup I-VII
  • Universal Backup I-VII x2
  • Universal Backup I-VII x3
  • Random order
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