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“Battle for arachis”: USS Davis (DD-395) destroyer
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The USS Davis Destroyer will become one of the main prizes in the spring crafting event that starts in War Thunder on April 7th!

USS Davis, destroyer, USA, rank III. Premium.


  • Anti-fragmentation protection in the engine room and transmission
  • Good speed
  • Fast-firing short range AA battery

The development of a new class of destroyers began in the United States in the early 1930s, after a proposal to adapt the Porter-class destroyers to a newly developed and more economical power plant for the Mahan-class destroyers was implemented. The new class of ships were created named the Somers,. after the lead ship of the series. The destroyer Davis is one of three Somers-class destroyers built by the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. The ship was named after rear admiral Charles Henry Davis, and the ship was built under the patronage of the granddaughter of the famous American. The ship was launched on July 30th, 1938 and entered service in November of the same year. After the outbreak of World War II, the ship continued to serve in continental waters.

On May 14th, 1944, the destroyer was sent to England, and from there she went to join the ships that were preparing for landing in Normandy. During one of the patrols, Davis repelled the attack of a torpedo boat. On June 21st, the ship was seriously damaged by a mine and returned for repairs, first to the English port of Portland, and then to South Carolina. After repair and until the end of its service, the destroyer no longer took part in hostilities. Davis was decommissioned in October 1945 and later sold.


The USS Davis (DD-395) destroyer will appear in War Thunder as one of the prizes in the spring crafting event that begins in the game on April 7th. The destroyer belongs to the Somers class, already well known to the commanders of the War Thunder bluewater fleet, but differs from the lead ship in terms of armament. In 1942, the Admiralty began to realize the growing threat from aviation in naval battles and it was decided to strengthen the air defense in most ships. To improve Davis’s AA capabilities, they had to dismantle one of the torpedo launchers: Davis only has two quadruple torpedo tubes, not three like the Somers. At the same time, the composition and number of anti-aircraft guns has also changed - now, instead of ineffective and outdated "Chicago pianos" and heavy machine guns, unified caliber guns were installed - 6 single-barreled 20mm Oerlikon guns, which have proven themselves well for destroying aircraft at close range, and are also capable of dealing with boats.

Otherwise, the gameplay of the Davis is the same as Somers’. The main caliber is four double-barreled turrets with the Mark 12 5"/38 (127mm) caliber guns. A good selection of shells can also be found - high-explosive fragmentation shells, two types of common shells (semi-AP), as well as high-explosive shells with a radio fuse. Unfortunately, turrets are highly vulnerable to any enemy fire and do not have effective protection against shrapnel and automatic gun fire. The engine room and transmission group are protected by 12.7 mm armor from the sides and from the deck, such protection will more than once help the commander out of being hit by enemy HE shells and shrapnel.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Davis destroyer is a premium ship and will significantly speed up the research in the US bluewater fleet of low and medium ranks. The harmonious and profitable USS Davis is one of the prizes of the big crafting event, upcoming to the game on April 7th. We will tell you about other prizes and terms of the event very soon, stay tuned!

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