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Wiki Review: Merkava Mk.2D

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Merkava Mk.2D

Wind of Change” brought Israeli vehicles to War Thunder and we took a closer look at the premium vehicle with which you can start getting to know the recent nation’s new ground vehicles and research them noticeably faster.

A huge tank with seemingly thin armour. But in this case, to penetrate doesn’t necessarily mean to destroy.

An unusual internal design with a front mounted power plant that from time to time “swallows” enemy shells and then counterattacks from the 105mm cannon doesn’t usually meet the same unusual protection.

You don’t even need to get any hits. Hit first thanks to the fast turret and the thermal imager and if you get found you have a whole arsenal of different ways to put up a smoke screen which together with the LWS (radar detection) allows you to avoid guided missiles and enemy shells from time to time. As a result you have a 63 tons stealth tank (you are unlikely to see it).

“Approved by Wiki: Merkava Mk.2D” — unique decal for each new vehicle.
“Approved by Wiki: Merkava Mk.2D” - unique decal for each new vehicle.

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