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Pre-order: ZTZ96A Prototype (China)

An experimental Chinese main battle tank of the ZTZ96 family with a complex system of electro-optical active protection against guided weapons.

We are launching a pre-order for an unique Chinese premium rank VI tank - the ZTZ96A Prototype. ZTZ96A is already well known to tank commanders as one of the best top-tier Chinese main battle tanks. An up-to-date fire control system with a thermal imager for the gunner, decent protection and devastating APFSDS rounds capable of penetrating over 400 mm of armor are the main features of this tank. The ZTZ96A Prototype is an experimental modification, equipped with an electro-optical active protection system to counter anti-tank guided missiles of enemy armored vehicles and aircraft, including helicopters.

The ZTZ96A Prototype is a great premium MBT that is available for pre-order right now as part of a special pack in our online store. All owners of the pack will receive the tank immediately with the release of the next major War Thunder update!

Pre-order: Type 96A Prototype Pack
Pre-order: Type 96A Prototype Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • ZTZ96A Prototype (rank VI, China)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • 15 days of Premium account
  • Pre-order bonus: unique decal “God of War”
  • Pre-order bonus: unique title “Green Dragon”
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