War Thunder background
Location: Sun City


A new location for mixed battles, inspired by the coastal regions in the Middle East!


With the upcoming major update, a new location for mixed battles comes to the game - meet “Sun City”, a location based on the resort towns of the Middle East! In this location, our artists tried to convey the diversity of landscapes and architecture of the coastal zone of the Middle East. In the centre of the location is a small resort town, with its white houses, bike lanes, bridges and terraces. By the sea is a beach, a wide and mostly open area with golden sand. In the suburbs, there’s a small industrial zone among the blooming fields.

Sun City will be waiting for you in the upcoming War Thunder major update we are working on right now. Don't miss our devblogs and be the first to know about the most interesting things to come. While we are completing the update, you can become one of the first testers of Israeli ground vehicles that will also appear in the game with the release of the next update!

Early access Packs for the CBT of Israeli armored vehicles

M-51 Pack
M-51 Pack
This pack includes:
  • M-51 (Rank 4, Israel)
  • 1000 Golden Eagles
  • 7 days Premium account
  • 39.99 €
  • BUY
Merkava Mk.2D Pack
Merkava Mk.2D Pack
This pack includes:
  • Merkava Mk.2D (Rank 6, Israel)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • 15 days Premium account
  • 59.99 €
  • buy

In the next major update we will start the closed beta testing of the Israeli armored forces! Each Early Access Pack guarantees early access to the beta testing, and until it starts you will be able to master your crews in all vehicle slots.

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