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Happy Valentine’s Day!
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All over the world, people are preparing to celebrate the day of love, support, and understanding with their beloved ones. Cupid is back in business! Let’s help them!

Beginning on February 11th (13:00 GMT) until February 15th (11:00 GMT) Valentine’s Day comes to War Thunder!

“My Love” decal

“My Love” decal
Play 3 battles with an activity of 70%+ in vehicles of rank III and above.

Decoration “Anchor of love”

Decoration “Anchor of love”
Win 5 battles in boats and ships of rank III or above with an activity of 70% or more.

St.Valentine’s trophy

Available for Golden Eagles. Each trophy contains a dedicated decal or decoration that you don’t yet have.
  • List of decals available in the “St.Valentine’s trophy”: Heart and Spitfire, Love, February 14, A Shot to the Heart!, Don’t Shoot! I love you, Cupid, "Miss Behaven" pin-up, To the depths of love, Kiss, Heart and Arrow! and Love letter.
  • List of decorations available in the “St.Valentine’s trophy”: ”Teddy Bear with heart”, “Compound bow”.
  • Track your progress by clicking your nickname → Achievements → Valentine’s Day.

Time limited offer: MK-IX Valentine

The premium MK-IX "Valentine" in the Soviet tech tree is only available for purchase during the period of the special event!

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