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“Firepower”: Warbonds

The items for the Battle pass in the Warbond shop is as usual, will available throughout the entire “Firepower” season + 1week, available from 26th of January until 3rd of May (one week after the end of the season).

The Warbond shop is available to players that have vehicles from rank III and is part of Battle Pass. You purchase items with the special “Warbond” currency that that can be obtained by unlocking Battle Pass levels.

Premium vehicles in the new season

★ Crusader “The Saint” [Wiki] (first time in the warbond shop)

★ Celere Sahariano [Wiki] (first time in the warbond shop)

★ Mörkö-Morane [Wiki]

★ VS-8 [Wiki] (first time in the warbond shop)

★ P-51C-11-NT [Wiki] (first time in the warbond shop)

★ T14 [Wiki]

"Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY" pinup of the  401st BS, 91 BG, USAF, 1944

An updated “Road Signs” trophy, trophy with emblems and decals of the tiger images from the past and a "Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY" pinup of the  401st BS, 91 BG, USAF, 1944 (decal by Colin 'Fenris' Muir ).

Open “Shop” → “Warbond shop” to see an assortment where some of the more interesting items can be seen.

Check out the full assortment of available Warbond items in the new season in the game, as well as the terms for purchasing them!

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