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Battle Pass vehicles: 41.M Turán II

The 41.M Turan II was a further developed variant of a Hungarian medium tank, constructed on the basis of a Czechoslovakian prototype design during the early 1940s. Defined by well-rounded combat characteristics, the Turán II will become available as one of the main prizes awaiting players in the upcoming War Thunder battle pass!

Briefly: An early 1940s medium tank fitted with a large calibre 75mm cannon which further expands the lineup of Hungarian tanks in War Thunder!

41.M Turán II, medium tank, Italy, premium, Rank II


  • Good mobility
  • Adequate armor protection

At the beginning of the 1940s, the Hungarian military decided to develop its own medium tank on the basis of the recently developed Czechoslovakian T-21 medium tank prototype. After one test unit successfully passed initial trials in Hungary, several changes were made to the design, including the fitting of a Hungarian 40 mm cannon as well as increased armor protection. The resulting T-22 design would then be officially accepted into Hungarian service as the 40.M Turán in November 1940.

An initial order of 230 Turán Is was issued in September 1940, but production ended up being delayed by several months due to incomplete technical documentation. Production started only in March 1941 after Škoda supplied the complete technical documents, with the first 40.M Turán I rolling off the assembly line in July 1941. However, before even the first vehicle was constructed, the Hungarian General Staff realized the need for upgrading the vehicle and thus formulated the specification to upgun the Turán with a 75mm gun. However, as no such gun could be developed by Hungary at the time, a WW1 field gun was selected to be modified for tank use.

This undertaking was successful, though it required the Turán’s turret to be enlarged slightly. The first prototype of this modification, which became known as the 41.M Turán II, was built in January 1942 and entered service in May. In total, around 195 Turán IIs were constructed until 1944. Today, only a single example of the Turán II survives and is on display in the Kubinka Tank Museum in the vicinity of Moscow.


In War Thunder, the Turán II will further expand the lineup of exotic Hungarian vehicles in the game and will soon arrive as one of the main prizes awaiting tankers in the upcoming Battle Pass season!

Unlike the Toldi, which tankers could earn in a previous battle pass season, the Turán II is a somewhat larger and more capable combat vehicle. To begin with, the Turán II boasts a much larger calibre primary armament, namely a 75 mm 41.M L/25 cannon. Despite its increased calibre, the ballistic properties of this modified WWI-era cannon are rather mediocre, however, for long-range engagements, where the Turán II might usually struggle to defeat enemy armor, tankers will have HEAT rounds available, capable of penetrating the armor of all but the most heavily armored opponents on the battlefield.

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Furthermore, the Turán II features relatively good armor protection, comparable to that of the German Panzer IV series or the Japanese Chi-He, with up to 50mm of armor at the front portions and 25mm plating shielding the vehicle’s sides and rear. In addition to this, the Turán II also comes equipped with 8 mm thick Schürzen-style add-on armor, applied to the vehicle’s sides and around the turret. Though it only marginally improves ballistic protection overall, tankers will especially benefit from this extra protection if they come under fire from chemical rounds.

Fun Fact: The Turán is named after a central Asian region which represents the ancestral home of the Hungarians. 

Thanks to its 260 horsepower engine, the Turán II can reach a respectable top speed of 45 km/h under ideal conditions, although its overall mobility, particularly in less hospitable terrain might leave some tankers wishing for more due to a relatively mediocre power-to-weight ratio. Nonetheless, the Turán II will have no trouble keeping up with the main advance of allied units and thanks to its punchy gun, can even contribute in creating a breakthrough in the enemy lines!


Seize the opportunity and add the wonderfully exotic Turán II to your in-game collection by taking part in the next season of War Thunder Battle Pass. More information about other prizes and conditions of the upcoming Battle Pass season will follow soon, so stay tuned to the news. Until then, good hunting tankers!


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