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Battle Pass vehicles: MTB-422

The American MTB-422 torpedo boat, transferred to the UK under the Lend-Lease program, received reinforced deck weapons.

Higgins 78 ft. HMS MTB-422, torpedo boat, Britain, III rank. Premium.


  • Fast and agile
  • 40mm automatic gun
  • No spare torpedoes

The PT-92 torpedo boat was built in the USA at the end of 1942 at the Higgins Industries shipyard in New Orleans, LA, amongst the bulk of the sister 78-foot boats she was intended for Lend-Lease delivery to the Soviet Union. Due to the cancellation of the spring convoy in 1943, the boat went on to serve in the Royal Navy, where she received the hull number MTB-422. Here the boat was used in combat operations in the Mediterranean until the end of World War II. After the war, the boat returned to the United States, where she served at least until the mid-1950’s; the further fate of the boat  is unknown. The boat was finally decommissioned from service late in 1985.


MTB-422 will be one of the prizes in the new War Thunder Battle Pass season. The American torpedo boat of the Higgins 78-feet family has undergone noticeable changes in service with the Royal Navy. Instead of four  American torpedoes, the Brits decided to use only two domestic torpedo tubes that reduced the weight of the boat, increased her maximum speed, and also made it possible to install more powerful deck guns. Two twin heavy machine guns remained at the wheelhouse, and the 20mm Oerlikon Mk.II auto gun was moved to the centre of the deck, making it possible to install a punchy 40mm Bofors automatic gun on the vacant stern - a more than welcome addition for a torpedo boat!

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In the game, the MTB-422 will become the fastest rank III boat from the British coastal fleet research line, while the boat quickly reaches her maximum speed and maneuvers perfectly. Guns of three calibres at once - 12.7mm , 20mm and 40mm - as well as two steam-gas torpedoes make the boat a very versatile small ship, perfect for capturing and defending points. From the entire artillery arsenal, the commander can concentrate on the 40mm Bofors, which has an average rate of fire, smooth ballistics, and a choice of high-explosive and armour-piercing rounds. It is reasonable to set the heavy machine guns and the 20mm cannon to automatic firing at surface and air targets, which will be useful in sea-borne dogfights with low-ranking boats.


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