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Battle of the Kerch Peninsula
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The Wehrmacht's offensive against the USSR was interrupted by numerous Soviet counter-offensive operations. One of the most notable was a liberation of the Kerch peninsula by the landing troops from the Black Sea Fleet. The following counter-offensive was expected to set Sevastopol and the whole Crimea free from the invaders, however it was bogged down and, after a series of defeats in May 1942, Soviet forces were thrown back from the peninsula.

Complete the battle task until 11:30 GMT on the 29th of December to get the reward!


Completing the “Battle of the Kerch Peninsula” task will bring you a battle trophy with one of the following rewards:

  • 20-50% RP booster for 3-10 battles
  • 20-50% SL booster for 3-10 battles
  • 3-5 universal backup vehicles
  • Random camouflage for ground vehicles of rank I-II for USSR or Germany from among those available to obtain in-game through achievements or purchase for GE.
  • 1 day premium account


  • Destroy 40/20/20 (AB/RB/SB) player vehicles whilst controlling specified vehicles in random battles

Tasks can be completed only on vehicles from the list:

  • USSR: T-60, T-34 (1940), T-34 (1941), KV-1 (L-11), GAZ-AAA (4M), GAZ-MM (72-K), MiG-3-15, LaGG-3-8, LaGG-3-11, Yak-1, IL-2 (1941), Pe-2-1, Pe-3
  • Germany: Pz.III J1, Pz.III J, Pz.IV E, Pz.IV F1, Pz.38(t) A, Pz.38(t) F, Flakpanzer I, Bf 109 F-2, Bf 109 F-4, Ju 87 B-2, Bf 109 E-7/U2

Follow the progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Memorial Date.

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