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Christmas in War Thunder!
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Snow sparkles in the hangar, so that means it’s time to celebrate the festivities in War Thunder. Discounts, sales and special events are waiting for you! Here is a guide to the War Thunder festive calendar - let’s take a look!

How nice is it to have this holiday in our lives! It doesn’t matter if you expect miracles from them or come up with a sober calculation in anticipation of gifts, this New Year we will delight everyone once again.  

Discounts, sales and gifts. We welcome 2022 together in War Thunder!

Gifts under the Christmas tree!

Some nice gifts to enhance the festive mood for your aircraft, ground vehicles and fleet! 

From December 24th (12:00 GMT) until January 3rd (07:00 GMT)

“Raging Tiger” decal

Play 3 battles in vehicles of rank III or above with an activity of 70% or higher.

Decoration for ground vehicles “Christmas sock”
Decoration for ground vehicles “Christmas sock”

Defeat 30 enemy players while controlling ground vehicles of rank III or higher.

Decoration for fleet “Christmas deer”
Decoration for fleet “Christmas deer”

Inflict 50,000 damage while controlling bluewater ships of rank III or higher.

Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.

A traditional event with cool prizes for every taste. You still have time to participate and pick up premium vehicles, decals and decorations.

From 17th of December until 10th of January



From December 22nd (11:00 GMT) until December 27th (11:00 GMT). 

Useful and necessary things for half the regular price!

  • 50% off all vehicles in the game
  • 50% off talismans, back-ups, and modifications
  • 50% off Premium account for 90 or 365 days in the game store, or 180 days in the Gaijin.Net online store

Discounts work both for Silver Lion and Golden Eagle prices for all vehicles, except those added in the updates “Winged Lions” and “Ground Breaking” and squadron vehicles.

Gaijin.Net store SALES


From December 27th (11:00 GMT) till January 3rd (11:00 GMT).

Up to 50% off for Gaijin.Net Store goods!


Also stay in touch with the news on other platforms so you will not miss discounts on PlayStation and Steam. 


Our friends at Zotac have a special surprise for you, check and follow our Instagram so you won't miss info on the 24th ;) 

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