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Vautour IIA and Vautour IIN in the lineups of France and Israel
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Hello everyone! Today we would like to talk about changes that we plan for the premium aircraft of the Vautour series in the French tech tree, as well as the versions of this jet bomber for the Israeli air force, which will be tested in the Winged Lions update.

Vautour IIA

In the Winged Lions update, the premium Vautour IIA IDF/AF will be hidden in the French air force tech tree for players who do not already own this aircraft. All Vautour IIA IDF/AF owners will, of course, keep the aircraft in their hangars. If you were planning to purchase this particular version for the French Air Forces, we advise you to do it as soon as possible, since the update is almost ready for release.

In the Israeli Air Force lineup, a researchable version of the Vautour IIA will be added, which, unlike the French Vautour IIA, is equipped with Shafrir air-to-air missiles (the Israeli version of the AIM-9B Sidewinder missile), and therefore is much better adapted to air combat. It should be noted that these missiles can be equipped with or without a set of bombs in 250, 360 and 500 kg sizes. The flight and technical characteristics, as well as the suspended weapons of the Israeli version, will be similar to the same version from the French Air Force research tree.

We also plan to add a premium version of the aircraft, similar to the Vautour IIA IDF/AF for the Israeli Air Force, but this will happen after the end of the Israeli aviation CBT.

Vautour IIN


To replace the premium Vautour IIA IDF/AF, France will receive a new premium Vautour IIN aircraft as part of the Gaijin store bundle. This version of the aircraft is a two-seater - the co-pilot controls the radar, which has finally appeared on the Vautour. The French Vautour IIN is distinguished by a large variety of guided weapons for its rank, and all weapons have already been researched, purchased and installed on the aircraft. The pilot will be free to choose from guided AA-20 Nord air-to-air missiles (up to four units in different combinations with other weapons), as well as guided AS-20 Nord air-to-surface missiles (up to four units) and the much heavier AS -30 Nord, with an explosive weight in the warhead of more than 115 kg in TNT equivalent. You can mount no more than two of these deadly missiles and also use them in combination with other guided and unguided weapons. For air battles and the destruction of helicopters, the rapid-firing 30mm DEFA 552 cannons installed in the nose will also be very useful.

The Vautour IIN will also be added as a researchable aircraft to the Israel Air Force lineup. There is no advanced French guided weapons here, but the entire amount of unguided weapons is still available: bombs with a total weight of up to 3,600 kg, as well as SNEB type 23 rockets and the more powerful T10 140. To defeat air targets, the Israeli Vautour IIN can be equipped with up to four units of the domestic air-to-air missiles Shafrir.

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