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Winter marathon vehicles: MiG-23MF (Germany)
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MiG-23M, Rank VII, Germany, Event


  • Very high top speed and climb rate
  • Variable sweep wing
  • Large selection of secondary weapons
  • Infrared Search and Track

Soon after putting MiG-23M fighters into service with Soviet air forces, the need arose to create a version of the fighter for export to Warsaw Pact countries. It was necessary to change the on-board electronic equipment to cheaper and simplified systems. The new fighter, indexed MiG-23MF, was created at the Mikoyan Design Bureau, the first country to operate the fighter was the German Democratic Republic. Subsequently, the MiG-23MF was supplied to all the main satellite countries in the USSR, as well as to the Arab states of the Middle East, Africa, India and Cuba. The production of the MiG-23MF continued until 1983.


The MiG-23MF will appear in the game as the main aviation prize in the big winter marathon; it will become an event jet fighter in the German lineup at rank VII. The export MiG is almost identical to the excellent Soviet MiG-23M. The German vehicle inherits all the main characteristics from its Soviet sister - a maximum speed of about 2500 km/h, a very good climb rate, a variable sweep wing and a variety of secondary weapons. The disadvantages have also remained: a limited number of flares/chaff charges, a limited number of weapon suspension nodes, and rather mediocre maneuverability at transonic speeds.

In terms of suspended armament, the MiG-23MF has a choice from a good variety of setups.. To destroy ground targets you may use bombs and rockets, which are traditional for top-tier multipurpose aircraft, including the powerful S-24 rockets, as well as the Kh-23M guided missiles. For aerial combat, for which the MiG-23MF is somewhat better adapted, the player will receive the GSh-23L rapid-fire twin-barreled gun with 200 rounds of ammunition, as well as a good selection of guided missiles. Rear-aspect R-3S and R-13M1, all-aspect R-60MK, the R-23R with semi-active radar guidance, as well as R-23T with a thermal seeker, which can be launched without turning on the radar - the Infrared Search and Track recognizes the thermal signature of the target, and the missile overtakes and hits it.

Now German pilots will also have a wonderful Soviet fighter! Take part in the War Thunder winter marathon to make the MiG-23MF yours!

The War Thunder Team

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