Attack on Nibeiwa

On December the 9th, 1940, a fortified Italian base held by the Maletti armored group and the Italian 10th Army,  was captured by British and Indian forces. Attack on the Nibeiwa fortified camp marked the beginning of Operation Compass, which resulted in the failure of the Italian offensive in Egypt in 1940.

From 11:00 GMT on the 9th of December until 11:30 GMT on the 13th of December


Completing the “Attack on Nibeiwa” task will bring you a battle trophy with one of the following rewards:

  • 20-50% RP booster for 3-10 battles
  • 20-50% SL booster for 3-10 battles
  • 3-5 universal backup vehicles
  • Random camouflage for ground vehicles of rank I-II for Great Britain or Italy from among those available to obtain in-game through achievements or purchase for GE.
  • 1 day premium account


  • Destroy 40/20/20 (AB/RB/SB) player vehicles whilst controlling specified vehicles in random battles

Tasks can be completed only on vehicles from the list:

  • Italy:CR.42, CR.32, Marcolin’s C.R.42 CN, CR.32 bis, G.50 serie 2, S.M.79 serie 8, L3/33, M11/39, M13/40 (I), M13/40 (II), M13/40 (III)
  • Great Britain: Gladiator Mk.II, Sea Gladiator Mk.I, Tuck’s Gladiator Mk.II, Hurricane Mk.I/L, Blenheim Mk.IV, A13 Mk.I, A13 Mk I (3rd R.T.R.), A13 Mk.II, Matilda III


Follow the progress by clicking on your nickname Achievements → Memorial Date.

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